Where the hell is Quel?

Well, I am still here… just flat out with everything!
RL has me swamped atm, and when I do have a bit of free time for WoW-related goodness, I tend to spend it playing rather than writing. I do have several drafts in the works, including a summary guide to normal MSV (to be followed up with HoF and Terrace), a discussion on the validity of ‘epeen’, a guide on how to be a good raider (regardless of class), and a few other sneaky bits!

My team is currently 5/6 heroic MSV, with everything else being knocked out on normal. This week we hope to finish off heroic Will (and get a certain sexy hunter a sexy heroic bow!) and start work on heroic HoF. I am liking a lot of the fights at the moment, yet I am constantly bombarded by QQ about hunters performance. I really want to dive further into this topic, but for now I will just say that Paragons 10m team had a hunter on every heroic kill of MSV, minus Will – to me that alone shows they aren’t too shabby… Yet we all know the ‘current state of dps’ posts/cries/anguish that have been floating around, and I agree we need some tweaks, but as I said, I will leave that discussion for another day.

My last little point I want to throw out onto the interwebs is this; IF you do not currently raid the end game content on your hunter, and your experience extends to LFR, work on your playstyle and gear/spec/reforging/talents before taking to the forums to make long winded re-hash posts of how hunters are terrible and you never top the charts – it is not a proper sample of data to have a bad LFR run and scream that the sky is falling.

Bear tea bag… sigh

Hope everyone is smashing out their own raids and enjoying BM burst pre patch!

– Quelys

One thought on “Where the hell is Quel?

  1. I don’t feel like the QQ is justified either, I’m usually at the top both in LFR and our normal raids. At bottom when we did Will of the Emperor normal, but I can endure that for one fight. :-) And I’ve been Miss Slacker with VP, charms, rep and everything else too.

    Grats on all the killed bosses, and may the loot shine upon thee. :-)

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