Video guide – HM Morchok

So I have actually started something that I have mentioned on this blog!
I am aware that many people have destroyed Morchok aaaaages ago, and with the 25% nerf this guy is a joke – However, if you are a new hunter or your team is only just stepping into hard modes (hell, even if you are new to raiding) then hopefully this ‘guide’ [I use guide in a loose sense..] may be of some use.

Pretty much I am using this as an opportunity to get used to fraps and editing before MoP hits, hopefully I can get some of our early kills and throw them up.




My first H Morchok kill with team BTK <3

3 thoughts on “Video guide – HM Morchok

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  2. Haha, thanks Lae :)
    Apart from the bad quality, and that I stayed in aspect of the fox right at the end, I’m quite happy with it :P

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