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There is nothing better than a good UI related post, so I plan to make this an exception (lol).

With one of my recent videos (a joke about ‘tips’ for Spirit Kings), it was made extremely clear that my UI was bad. Now I knew it was bad, I really did! I was justmuch too lazy to do anything about it. In the coming weeks I hope to be able to produce more encounter guides, as well as some humerous (well, my kind of funny-ness) videos, so I felt it was important that I finally got off my rear and put my UI modification actions into gear.

People are direct, I appreciate it.

Initially I was going for a UI package – new expansion, new guild, same awesome hunter; why not a brand spankin’ new UI?? I looked into a couple of available packages, and these are some of my favourites :)


Gar UI

Garwulf over at the Huntsmans Lodge has had his UI available for sometime. As well as providing detailed set up instructions (for those of us who are a tad less ‘tech savvy’), it provides a beautiful clean look, while still providing the valued tools for raiding/pvp.

Gar UI – out of combat

In combat the UI comes to life

Kripp UI

Kripparrian is one of the most talented hunters in the world – this guy knows his hunters. His UI has been around for a while, and looks amazing. I will definitely be looking into running this myself in the future, yet at the moment I find my current setup suits me just fine.

Kripp UI – made by Hunters, for hunters (well.. made by a hunter)

See it is action on Kripparrian’s YouTube channel, he updates it regularly with awesome gamer-related goodness (of which a massive chunk is hunter related)


Tuk and Elv UI

I put these two together as they are made by the same peeps (I believe). Tuk UI is generally a low use UI package, so may run smoother on an older machine. Elv UI has much more customization options (if you are unfamiliar with the non-sexy programmer language) to alter the look and feel. They both look smooth and impressive; a lot of people swear by these and they are definitely worth looking into.


I personally stayed with my own setup. It is far from the magesty of the above options, but I like it.


Current setup – a few things have been tweaked since, yet it is pretty much my old UI but cleaner.

Some of the addons that make up my UI (that are obvious) are;
JS Hunter Bar
Mik Scrolling Battle Text

All of these addons are available from Curse :)

I no longer run a chat addon, and there are a few ‘behind the scenes’ addons that I won’t get into now. In the below video of my guilds first kill of 10 man Heroic Feng the Accursed, you can see the difference (if you look at the Spirit Guard video).

Are there any UI mods/packages you use or know of that deserve to make my favourites? let me know in the comments :)

Good luck with the Heart of Fear!

<3 Quelys



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