The saddest post I have ever written

Sorry for being away for so long, between the Christmas season and my PC dying on me, I have not really been able to keep up with a steady post schedule.

I would like to dedicate this post to a great friend of mine; Sam.

To us on Dath’remar he was known as Mothrakk, and he was one of the best people I had the pleasure of meeting in game and becoming friends with. A fellow hunter I always looked up to in my early days of playing, he always supported me in my goal of becoming a good raider and player – and that was just in game.

Out of the game Moth was a great guy. Together with other mates (mainly Deciuss, a dirty mage) we played many other online games, spending a lot of time on skype; talking shit to each other and generally being good friends. Through this game that we all take pride in, I was able to meet one of the best people I will ever know, and just last week I was talking to him about my holidays and we had agreed to swap stories once I had my PC back up and running.

Mothrakk took his own life last week, leaving a lot of his in game friends saddened and confused.
RIP Moth, you will be missed.

If you ever find that you can’t continue, or things are getting too hard try to talk to someone about it – Lifeline Australia can be reached by calling 13 11 14.


PS. He also carried me through a Herald of the Titans run on my mini hunter, and defended Org against attacks by dancing naked amongst them.

Naked Quel and Moth, just dancing for peace

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