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I miss the internets…

Luckily I am back at work after a fantastic two weeks off (yay for being a teacher), as I currently have no access to the internet apart from my smart phone (at home)…. AND IT IS TERRIBLE, I TELLS YA!

The dire situation arose like this;

I recently moved to a new place with a good mate, this move took place the Friday leading to my school holidays. Pretty much in my mind things were supposed to go a certain way…

– Move to new house, remember to bring food
– Set up couch and TV, buy beer fridge
– First thing Monday, ring up a ISP and sort out some sweet internets for all my gaming and online needs (lol.. ‘online needs’.. this is strictly PG, I promise)
– Enjoy two blissfull weeks of bachelor-esque glory with beer, video games, and a monumental amount of WoW play time
– Eat a few burritos

Pretty much my holidays were set, who doesn’t like holidays??! it is truly a great perk of being a teacher (as most people bring up), and trust me when I tell you: regardless of what anyone else says, they are justified. I ran into one very painful wall while trying to fulfill my plans.

Those dang ex tenants (and also crappy systems set in place by ISPs)

The previous tenants had not cancelled their line to the house, there was no internet available for me to mooch off (totally illegal, but I was getting desperate) yet the line was still there. This meant that I would have to give proof of my occupancy, and wait for that to resolve with the other ISP. This took THREE WEEKS. I cannot understand (nor do I want to) the complete fuck around this must have been. A total shit-storm of communication. I talked to one polite gentleman about everything about two weeks ago, and he assured me that everything would be sorted by the 29th of July. I rang up on the Friday before this just to make sure everything was running smoothly.. but no, my hopes and dreams were to be dashed again.

My Friday conversation eventuated in a different employee telling me that the line was ready that day (hooray, right? WRONG!). They now had to apply for an ADSL line.. which would take another 5-7 working days.. and considering that would most likely not be processed until the Monday I had hoped everything would have been done and dusted… you can understand my frustration.

I would say I am addicted to the realm of ‘online’, and I am not ashamed. I use Steam, I avidly play World of Warcraft, and I also use the web like most people – shopping, social networking, information, YouTube-ing funny cat videos while drunk, etc.

I have missed my raiding, not to mention the amount of Hunter changes I have had wanted to write about!!!

With 5.4 about to hit, and the final raid of the expansion, I am hoping to have some better coverage on this site, HOPEFULLY with the return of some hunter videos with awesome tips/tricks.

I bet my logs have been destroyed by now.. FOUR WEEKS OFF, DANG IT!

Peace out!

Coming late to the button-bashing party

The last month or so has seen a massive increase in hunters beginning to take notice at the amount of abilities we have, mainly after reading Ghostcrawlers opinion on the matter. After playing my hunter for so long, I find it weird that some people are all of a sudden bringing up that we have too many buttons.

To a point I can concede that we have a fair few abilities, however what makes it to the point that it is ‘too many’. I feel with the proper practice within the game, as well as a good understanding of keybinds and macros, the daunting task of finding a home for all of your abilities shrinks drastically.

Assign keybinds via the in-game menu
Assign keybinds via the in-game menu

I use shift as a button modifier, and cannot recommend it highly enough. I use control as well, but not as frequently. Having things like multishot (which quite frankly, even though being our main aoe, is a situational ability that depends on the amount of adds present*) bound to a shift-modified button can drastically lower the rent space of your keyboard. I have mine bound to Shift+2, and find that it is perfect for maintaining a tight switch between aoe and single target. I find R, T, F, and G to be great locations for some of your instant cast abilities – although it is all about being comfortable with your own play and keybinds. No matter what anyone says, at the end of the day there is no ‘right’ way to bind your keys (however spreading them far in hard to quickly reach spots is obviously a no-no..), everyone is different.

*obviously you would use multishot a lot in heroic dungeons, yet in a raiding environment you don’t need to multishot on every fight)

Macros can be your friend. Some abilities can be placed on the same bind (such as Bestial Wrath with a number of other abilities, depending on what you prefer. I macro mine with A Murder of Crows to compliment the damage increase). A widely accepted notion is to macro all of your ‘large CDs’ together – and that is fine for anyone starting off. Some macros in particular will work better than others, and I suggest looking into the various guides found around the interwebs (try searching through the WoW forums as a starting point).

Open up the macro menu by typing "/macro"
Open up the macro menu by typing “/macro”

The last point I have towards the influx of abilities refers to your hardware- I don’t think you should go out and spend copious amounts of cash to play this class to the maximum, yet I could see how having these can present a quality of life improvement. I personally use a basic keyboard, and a cheap mouse that has 2 extra buttons – one on either side. These are far from top of the line (gaming wise), yet I seem to be able to maintain a decent level of play. The mouse alone is something that I find a godsend – the extra two buttons allows for 2 extra macro/keybind homes, taking the total number of abilities I facilitate with my mouse to about 9 (if memory serves me right). It is possible to have more or less, but I find having certain abilities literally at my fingertips as a bonus. One example of a bind to my mouse is Disengage. Considering most progressed players steer their character with their mouse, having disengage bound to the mouse in particular helps me to use it more accurately as a movement ability.

As they look into some abilities, hopefully they will tweak as necessary, but don’t go overboard culling our tools just because some people are carrying on about the massive amount of buttons (predominantly after one developers comment).

Stay classy (mainly hunter-classed)

Mogu’shan Vaults Heroic Compendium

With heroic Mogu’shan Vaults under my belt for the last few weeks, I feel it is time to throw up some encounter specific tips and tricks for this plethora of bosses :)

This was thrown together a tad quick, and I will add anything I forgot when I browse over my handywork tomorrow. I will also update/tidy this as I see fit 😛 I will add in a talent choice/glyph choice soon <3

Feng's hangout, pretty rad dude
Feng’s hangout, pretty rad dude

Stone dogs

spec of choice: Survival
Heroic mode notes:

  • Posthaste can provide a needed speedboost while running tiles; however, I suggest taking crouching tiger, hidden chimera if Cobalt is up.
  • Masters call removes the petrification debuff, so can be useful if you are running the tiles later into the fight and are becoming slowed.
  • Deterrence completely negates the Cobalt bomb explossion and consequential root. Try to clear as much as possible for the raid.
  • Make sure you keep rolling a multi shot onto the two dogs you are targeting
  • Try to maximise Readiness by using aMoC on a dog right before, as well as a BA – have both rolling as the tile stacks increase.

Fengizzle ma Nizzle

spec of choice: BM
Heroic mode notes:

  • Deterrence works on a myriad of abilities here, including arcane velocity and epicentre. It is pretty minimalistic in movement, so I suggest picking up crouching tiger hidden chimera to be able to take the pressure off your healers where applicable.
  • When the adds come out in his shield phase, make sure you have a frost trap up where the raid is stacked.
  • The adds can also be affected by binding shot, and if your raid aoe is low, it would be advisable to pick this talent up.
  • If your raid aoe is REALLY low, I suggest running survival for this fight.
  • Survival overall is a fine option, but the majority of the fight is single target, and thus BM is the best choice.
  • Disengage for movement where applicable – including after arcane velocity, to drop wildfire, to move away from the shield before adds.
  • You can also use deterrence to soak lightning fists if you do not have an alternate option.


Spec of choice: BM
Heroic mode notes:

  • You want as much time in the ‘real world’ as possible to maximise your boss damage.
  • Try to utilize your explosive trap if you go to the spirit realm, as well as micromanaging your pet onto the severer of souls.
  • Line up your glaive tosses in the spirit world to maximise damage, and try to serpent sting a few before heading back to the real world.
  • You can use spirit mend in the spirit world for extra stacks of the damage buff if you are lucky enough to be using a spirit pet.
  • Deterrence can help the healers if damage gets a bit too high when you are voodoo’d.

Reset Kings (so glad they hotfixed that..)

Spec of choice: BM
Heroic mode notes:

  • You are able to go all out at the start, so feel free.
  • Deterrence can block the flanking orders if you get in a tight spot.
  • Micromanage your pet to easily swap between bosses (if two are up and one is putting up a “NO DO NOT ATTACK” shield/buff)
  • You can use Bestial Wrath to get out of pinning arrows ASAP, allowing you to run around with an arrow stuck to you which people will still kill regardless that it does no harm…
  • You can tranq off Meng’s delerious buff, as well as Zian’s shield of darkness, however I would refrain from doing this just in case you set the shield off.
  • You shouldnt have too much trouble with cowardice stacks, but just be wary not to go insane on Meng.


Spec of choice: BM
Heroic mode notes:

  • Stand on the edge of the circle so you can simply jump and reset your buffs.
  • During the spark phase, get in a similar position relative to your assigned spot and throw an explosive trap near the spark spawn point.
  • Make sure you are full focus and then switch your pet asap and get a KC off. Do not waste a focus on a sting, just use as many instants as you can before needing to cobra.
  • The later ones are the ones to use your CDs on (BW etc) as they are much slower early on.
  • As pillars come up switch asap, helping as needed (try to be between two pillars) after they drop you can focus a single add (try not to aoe unless your tank has a comfortable lead with threat).
  • As soon as the fight reenters phase one, disengage back to position and resume pwning face. Rinse and repeat, but save big CDs for the final “stack and burn” phase (Stampede/crows etc).
  • In my group we had trouble with me deterrence soaking the big add explosions (it was unreliable, unsure if this is rectified now), so try to avoid it if you can and focus on maximising DPS

Willies of the Emperor

Spec of choice: Survival

Heroic mode notes:

  • we are actually a major utility on this fight, don’t expect to be destroying the meters (if you are, your guild is nice and isnt making you kite and soak).
  • Survival with entrapment makes this very easy, with chain Frost – snakes allowing easy control.
  • Pick up binding shot but try not to use it early when everyones stuns (and your traps) are going off.
  • Keep your pet on passive and throw it on one of the main bosses to maximise uptime.
  • If you have to, disengage over and throw a concussive shot on the courage.
  • With crouching tiger hidden chimera you can soak every second set of rage sparks, with readiness being used primarily as a defensive CD for an extra soak, rather than to max dps.
  • If you DO have to use readiness for a soak, throw up Crows on a boss, readiness then get it up on the other. Same with Black Arrow.
  • Try to keep stings up on the boss, but your main focus is controlling the adds – your raid team will thank you for it.

    Yeah, that's right.
    Yeah, that’s right.