Hey, hey, hey! It’s Solarflair!

Our next guest has to constantly defeat an asparagus consuming mage, so he knows how to commit to a cause. He is commonly known as the hunter extraordinaire of the Convert to Raid podcast as well as being a member of the Azerothian Grammar Police. Lets go over their to were I left the interview (see what I did there?) and get to know the dashingly handsome Tauren hunter known as Solarflair!


'Sola Flay'


Hello, hello, hello… it seems to be the character known as Solarflair!

Hey, hey, hey – it’s good to be here today!
When did you begin your WoW adventures, and were you always a hunter? (if not, I CAN forgive you.. it is just hard..)

Since day one, of hour one, of minute one, of second one… I have always played a Hunter!
I began playing World of Warcraft in October of 2008. This was one month before Wrath launched. I guess you could call me a Wrath baby but it isn’t official!


Convert to raid – first a convenient button, now a fantastic podcast; what can you tell us about it?

Well we’re almost coming up on one year strong! It’s been a really fun way to reach out to the WoW community, I never imagined it would be as big as it is today, and still growing, so I couldn’t have asked for a better thing to be a part of on my Sunday mornings. The community is just fantastic, they’re really good to us!


How do your fellow hosts feel about being your co-hosts in reality? (after all, they don’t play hunters.. Zhug may be an exception)

I’m not too sure. We all get along really well and our synergy really meshes with our goal with the show. It’s a great combination of guys with diverse backgrounds. We really enjoy being together, even through the asparagus farts.

Solarflair, not to be messed with.


What is your most memorable in-game experience?

This is a really tough question. I think any hard-won progression kill stands out in my mind. Probably though, our realm first Argaloth 25 kill oddly enough. It was two weeks into the expansion when we finally got all 25 of our raiders level capped and decked out in questing greens. We were hitting the enrage timer every attempt and then finally we got it with two people alive :) the nerd screams were earth shattering. The other raid leader actually recorded it here:


Convert to raid has developed a dedicated following, what would be your favourite moment(s) on the show to date?

With the community? Most likely our Convert-to-Raid-along. Unfortunately this was before cross-server raids but it was really nice to play with some of the fans. We have been working on another one soon so keep an eye out for that!

With the cast though, probably our pre-show talks. Thank goodness Zhug doesn’t record during those. I’ll leave it at that.


If you and the other hosts were trapped in the snow after your plane had gone down after the private jet party where you were celebrating your 500th show, who would you eat first and why?

There is no doubt in my mind that we would all turn on Koltrane. Once digested, the asparagus in his system would allow our flatulence to warm us during the blizzard. As gross as that is. Eugh. (Death to all mages! delicious mages.. – Quel)


You run some live streams and also create guides, what can you tell us about these?

I do! Well I did, anyways. We have guides up to 4/8 encounters in normal Dragon Soul, where I was finding my stride and I think some were quite good. I will be picking up boss encounter guides again when MoP launches, stronger than ever.

Live streams are really fun for me, it’s a nice, laid back way to talk to some of the community while doing something unique in-game. I’ve been swamped recently but I’ll be streaming again this weekend and beyond.

Normal guides from Hunter PoV


What is the number 1 tip you would give to aspiring hunter raiders?

There is always something you can improve on. I can’t stress this enough – even on attempts/kills I feel really good about, I can always go back and parse where I could have done better. Cast this ability, used this cooldown later/earlier, used a different global cooldown that would have been more beneficial, etc. I know that seems nitpicky but it’s what will separate you from the pack. Going through WoL parses and comparing yourself to Hunters better than you can often lead to some serious insight about your class. I know it has for me.


What is your favourite pet in your arsenal?

Definitely a toss up between Deth’tilac and my dark bronze colored wolf Deathmaw. I know I use my wolf more but Deth’tilac is stunning.

Unfortunately I don’t have my very first tamed pet anymore though, it was the rare white polar bear, Bjarn, I found whilst leveling.

Deathmaw, wolf of death-ness!


What is the best hunter ability?

Hmm. I really like each specs iconic abilities: Kill Command, Chimera/Aimed Shot, Explosive Shot. But if I had to pick an all time favorite it would probably be Bestial Wrath. There are not many things out there more gratify than making your pet huge, red and angry while ripping somethings face off.


Any shout outs?

Just a big thanks to those who support me and the podcast!

Thanks Solar!


Thanks Solarflair!

Make sure to check out the Convert to Raid podcast (live stream on their site found here, you can also find it on itunes), and follow Solarflair on Twitter. The show is hilarious and informative – great for the WoW community – I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I look forward to MoP when Solarflair can continue with his guides! (also, CTR Facebook – LIKE IT NOW!)

I leave you with this video response by Solarflair in response to questions about raiding and the community (questions were not from me):

- Quelys