How to interview a Laeleiweyn

*Imagine David Attenborough’s voice*

Here we are, in the Alliance-infested home of the Draenei (ignore the various rainbows and butterflies). If you are lucky enough within this strange land, you may spot the wild Laeleiweyn, a fellow Hunter and bloggist of the highest order, her posts providing insight and humor throughout the dark times (the dark times being when you realise they are written by an Alliance). Come with me as we explore the natural habitat of the ‘Laeleiweyn’ , a ‘tinkerer’ in real life (engineering joke), and find out how this interesting creature behaves in its natural habitat.


Lae taking names.

Hey Laeleiweyn, may I call you Lae? When did you first start playing WoW?

Yes, of course! I didn’t really realise when I made my hunter’s name that I would one day end up communicating with other people using it. If I had realised I would have made it shorter. ;)

I started playing in 2007, and I was hooked from day two! (I got a headache day one of all the new things + movements, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I gave it another try the next day).
I had tried making a character on Ponder’s account first, so when I got an account on my own I immediately upgraded it to Burning Crusade; I was SO gonna play a draenei hunter! Alliance cause they’re the good guys (hehe, sorry about that ), draenei cause I liked the look and hunter cause I figured it would be nice to have a companion in this new, foreign and somewhat scary world. Later I realised that hunters also were the badass ones, and stuck to her.

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Tell us a little about yourself, your REAL self!

I’m from Norway. I live with a boomkin, Ponder, and three cats (real cats, not druids). In the daytime I’m an engineer, in the evening I’m a totally badass hunter!
Since you gave me instructions to talk about snow; Norway is probably one of the best countries to live in! We’re a small country, we take good care of eachother, most of us have jobs and most of the time we can feel very safe. But the damned weather…! October to April is filled with rain and snow, and the sun rarely visits us. People stop going outside and out to restaurants. As a gamer I have no problem finding excuses to play a lot in the winter. If I could just grab all my friends, family and work, and move to the Mediterranean Sea, I would!

Many people would know you from your blog and the great work you have done with your project ‘Hunterstalker’. Can you shed some light on these?

I started my blog in 2009. I made a video of Lae (which was very fun to do, but it was really bad, lmao), and wrote one post about how I started playing and the road up until then. But then I didn’t write much for a couple of years. There are so many good sites and guides, so I figured the world would probably be fine without my input.
But  I am one of those people that have a lot of words wanting to get out all the time. After writing a gazillion posts in our very small guild’s forum, I realised that perhaps only 5 people read my posts. Which made me bring the blog back to life. Now, my intention isn’t to make the best hunter website or resource. I try to not write too much about things you could easily find better write-ups on, like theorycrafting and patch notes. It’s more about opinions and experiences for me.
I figure that if you make something that becomes really big and important, you’ll get some negative things with it as well. I still haven’t received any negative comments, and frankly I’m not really interested in them. ;) I KNOW that my English isn’t perfect (obviously, I’m Norwegian), I use too many smilies and I joke too much. But I already know this, so no need to tell me. I’m very happy to be in the Little League. But of course, my heart jumps when I’m featured at WoW Hunters Hall; someone wants to read my Words! But I’m trying to keep it low key and write about the things I want, not the things I think people want to read. As many others, I do this for fun, it’s a hobby derived from another hobby. I get really excited when I find something fun to write about. I seem to have more opinions on this subject than what I knew when I started answering your question.
The blogs I like to read myself are both the guides, but also the “my story”-kind of blogs, and blogs where they have their own voice. Like yours, you’re funny like me. ;)

Hunterstalker started with me occasionally checking the armory of the other hunters in the guild. I also sometimes checked the best geared hunters on the server (from WoW Heroes or WoW Progress). I eventually proceeded to check out the guys at the Hunting Party Podcast, their guests, Bigredkitty, Garwulf, Morynne and so on. Eventually I would have 20 tabs open in my browser, so I added the bookmarks instead. When I got about 50 I had a strong wish that I could more easily check them all up at the same time; with a small summary and the links to all their “sites”. So I made Hunterstalker. The name is fitting. But yeah, also creepy, sorry about that. I would like to flesh Hunterstalker out as a dynamic website using armory API’s. But I have no knowledge about how to do that at this point, so I’ll have to see if I can teach myself, and if I can find time to do it. If someone would like to help, contact me. :)

The many faces of Lae

Stalk ALL the hunterz!

You are the Guild Master for Release and Run, can you tell us a little about your guild?

Release and Run was formed by a group of friends of 8 or so, at the end of Wrath of the Lich King. The guild was a direct result of the changes to 10vs25; with shared lockout and loot. Finally no reason to keep doing 25man raids! Our goal was a small, social and relaxed guild, with a good and strong raid team. In addition I had some great visions about “doing it right” and “being fair” which I strive towards at all times. :) A year ago we had another guild merge into ours. We knew most of the people from earlier, and with them raiding less and on different days than us, we were able to fill raidspots in both groups with this arrangement, so it’s been a very positive experience. We’re a bit bigger than what we thought initially, with 47 unique accounts, but it’s still a nice place to be.

Release and Run... Alliance *sigh*

You seem to balance raiding, real life, an awesomely written blog (wink) as well as being a GM AND Raid Leader; HOW DO YOU MANAGE IT ALL?!

Well, I really don’t I’m afraid. ;) Being a GM took some extra effort at the start and sometimes still do in periods. Setting up the website, setting up the rules, deciding on things, etc. I used to send out in-game mails “Guild News” the first six months, for those who didn’t join the website. Like “these are our raid nights”, “help eachother gear up”, “two trials incoming” or “trial ending, send me comments or yes/no”. Eventually I’ve become more laid-back. As I said we try to keep it small, and with all the framework in place things kind of sorts themselves out.
Being raid leader doesn’t take that much extra time; I would have checked up on tactics anyway. The only thing I spend extra time on as a raid leader is deciding who raids when. I’m trying to make it fair, but also having as good setup as possible.
The blog can take some time; one post usually take me several hours. Where I first just pour out all the words, and I rearrange them over and over again after.
Real life; well. I feel like the time passes very quickly when I’m in front of the computer. Sometimes I wish I actually did balance things better. And I definitely wish I was as enthusiastic about my paid job as I am about playing and writing!

What is your favourite raid of all time, and what encounter within it would be your favourite?

I don’t really know how to answer this. My favourite raid is at any given time the new one we just started working on. They are ALL so epic, beautiful, interesting and fun. I’m certainly not gonna answer what seems to be the default “best raid” (Ulduar). I can tell you which I don’t like much; both wings of Ahn’Qiraj, I can’t stand insects.

My favorite encounters that I did when current would be Malygos (the first fight I really spent a lot of time on. I was really really good at phase 2. I like being good.), the amazing Algalon, Twin Valkyrs (cause my DPS would get insane if I got the colours right), Lich King was king, Alysrazor, Al’Akir, Cho’gall, Ultraxion, Madness of Deathwing and the king of them all Ragnaros.

What is your favourite raid and encounter this expansion?

My favorite raid and encounter would be Firelands and Ragnaros. That fight is so amazing. I’m hoping the rest of the guild will be interested in going back and kill him on heroic, just so I can spend some time with him again. Madness of Deathwing is a pretty epic encounter as well, storywise. But the fight itself is too repetitive to be a favorite.

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Lae in t12

What is your favourite hunter ability?

If I have to say one, it’s disengage. But I made a list:

1 Disengage
2 Bestial Wrath
3 Feign Death
4 Stampede
5 Murder of Crows
6 Kill Command
7 Explosive Shot
8 Aspect of the Fox
9 Camouflage

Which pet is your favourite?

Cats in general are my favorites. My first cat, Ratchet, that I tamed in Azuremyst Isle at level 10. Humar the Pridelord, which was the first rare I camped. I tamed him at level 70, so I had to level him all the way up from 14 (I think) to 70. Loque’nahak, which I spent months and months looking for! And Skarr, which also took me months from Molten Front opened; I saw him killed in front of me too many times! I even went and got a MM-spec to be able to do the tame.

Any shout outs?

Yes! To Ponder and my guild. And to all the friendly, helpful, polite, skilled and awsome hunters out there! And to all the veteran hunter bloggers; thank you for shaping the hunter community. And to all the new hunter bloggers; thank you for new enthusiasm and new input. :)


Thanks Lae!

Huge thanks to Lae for putting the time into all of this, once again make sure to check out her blog (found here), not only for the hunterstalker; she provides a great transmog resource with fantastic ideas, as well as her new UI stalker :P
Lae’s site is fast becoming one of my top stops for hunter-related goodness, her blog is always a great read with a personal feel.


- Quelys