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Random complaints

With changes comes opinions about changes… this is probably the most obvious comment I have ever written…

Now every now and again I scroll through the WoW forums (particularly the hunter forums) and see what the community is up to – or more accurately, what the community is currently complaining about. What I have found to be an inevitable constant with the posts is that people seem to never be happy, and I guess that is the nature of such a dynamic game, and with the two big aspects of PvE and PvP being at the forefront of discussion, balance and output seem to be a big issue.

One of the most recent posts that sparked my interest was a post regarding some changes to mend pet. The poster viewed the datamined information, and immediately cried that the sky was falling. Rygarius was quick to enter the fold and confirm that the datamine was indeed inaccurate, and the change is actually a buff to mend pet. The thread continues on with some useful PTR feedback/comments, but then descends back into anecdotal expectations of gameplay;

Threat is a constant issue. Growl and Thunderstomp combined don’t always keep or hold threat. Less of a problem for BM since pets get more threat via damage. Really problematic for Survival and Marks.

Currently killing groups of mobs in Barrens: I have to pre-Misdirect to the pet. Try to hit as many as possible with both Glaive Toss and Multi-shot to get all the initial threat on the direhorn. I frequently still pull aggro off anyway. So I try to Misdirect before any Multishot or Glaive. And periodically have to switch targets and misdirect via Arcane or Explosive shot.
With hard stuff like say Warscouts, I have to spam Misdirect/Mend Pet constantly to keep aggro on the pet and keep it alive. This is all on live, mind you.”

Now let us break this down..

The person who is posting this comment is complaining.
The complaint is regarding hunters performance on live, specifically pet survivability and threat generation/maintenance by their pet… Yet they are referencing killing groups of mobs.


Cmon dude (or dudette), it doesn’t take an in depth analysis to really see what the problem is here.. You are pulling too many mobs and expect that you should just be able to sit them all on your pet with your pet having no issues, also while you aoe the mobs.. This is just foolish.

“I have to pre-Misdirect to the pet”.. welcome to pre-pull mechanics. They comment that they have to continually MD different targets, why not focus one mob after the pull with your pet’s growl autocast on? Then you would avoid aggro issues on whatever you are killing.

Expecting to be able to AoE everything without a care in the world, or without having to react to what you are attacking, and then complaining when aggro falls off your pet is just stupid. This is Mists of Pandaria, not WotLK dungeons.

Play a squishier class and try and pull as many as possible.. we happen to have some of the best utility for soloing in the game, yet using MD and multishots aren’t the golden boys of soloing. What about traps, feign, talent cc, and kiting? Are the multitude of buttons that people have been complaining about this year suddenly disappearing?

And another post on the same thread:

I want my pet to handle more than one mob without me getting ready to FD and Revive it. Even then one mob has me spamming Mend Pet now. Heck, when I level an alt I actually use Feed Pet after mobs one or two levels higher. I don’t want to be able to go out and solo world bosses or have it boss tank, I just want it to live long enough handle a few mobs in PvE and not be killed as fast in PvP.”

If you are having problems handling one mob in PvE at lvl 90, then I am afraid you most likely have a gross gear problem. A single mob for a level 90 mob with even the older LFR gear is not an issue. As for the point of having problems while leveling an alt (and this goes for when you are at max level as well), what is this obsession with making your pet a meat shield? YOU CAN KITE A MOB!

I feel (and this isn’t the first time this issue has surfaced) that the simplistic design approach that World of Warcraft has taken has resulted in ignorant and to a point ‘bad’ gameplay by the general populous. Now I still believe that high rated PvP and heroic raiding require good play, and those aspects of the game are far from simplistic (as well as other aspects of the game requiring some dedication, such as extreme soloing). There are way to many players bringing their opinions forward that are just not playing correctly, and calling foul. It will reach the point (if they take these sorts of comments seriously) that you will just send your pet in and sit back while afk-autoshotting (as so many classes like to point out we do). How about executing the priority shots to a better standard (does not have to be perfect), or actually having the expectation that you may need to PULL aggro and KITE a mob once and a while, at least while you hit mend pet and allow some ticks to get off without your pet taking constant damage. Ever heard of pet abilities? Cower is fantastic. Not enough? Get a turtle! Bad at kiting? Grab a spider!

Does no one remember distracting shot?! IT CAN BE USEFUL!

Even though it seems like it, I am not attacking these individuals directly – I am more just addressing the ridiculous amount of complaints that do not seem to be thought through. Just because you can post on the forums, doesn’t mean you should.

Like, seriously, make a blog and whinge like the rest of us.

Just.. No.

So while my surface analysis of the upcoming PTR changes continue, we have been hit with (an unavoidable, to a point) a pretty significant nerf.

Well. Shit.

Let me start by saying it is good that they are looking at readiness. It was provoking so much QQ amongst the PvP player base since it became baseline. It is indeed powerful, and with the burst of BM, doubling up has been kind of silly (although amazingly fun). I understand that a nerf to the damaging abilities affected by readiness is a move in the right direction for PvP.

Now that I have put ^that^ out there, let us look at the real implications. In PvE we have some issues – getting double crows/Black arrow up on targets, doing back-to-back Bestial Wraths, back-to-back Chim/Exp shots… All gone. Most of the hunter community on the Blizz forums are pretty confidant that a buff is coming to compensate, and if implemented right that will result in a buff overall, as sustained damage being buffed will negate the loss of slight, small-window burst. Overall? I am not happy, but I will deal.

Now PvP. For those who are familiar with me, I do enjoy PvP, I just don’t commit a lot of time to it (and when I did, it was generally random BGs). However my track record is not the worst, and I have played long enough (and, dare I say I believe I am skilled enough at the hunter class) to know that this is a significant nerf to PvP – not just on the burst front.

Burst is not the only way to kill people – good PvPers don’t need double BW to destroy someone, so leaving ‘defensive’ abilities (plus our one and only universal hunter CD rapid fire) on readiness makes sense right? of course it does. The nerf, however, does not include significantly important abilities;

Masters Call, Silencing shot, Scatter shot, Traps, Binding shot, Wyvern sting (god forbid you run around with that bad boy over silencing this patch). How are these not defensive abilities that should be covered?

I really hope this is one of the changes that is still in the early stages, as these IMPORTANT abilities really need to be part of readiness. So you can’t KC twice in a tiny window of time, get over it – however using a THREE MINUTE CD to fire off two silences that have such a long CD themselves these days is not an unrealistic expectation. Readiness is (and should be) a utility CD, not a DPS one [the PvE’r in me is hating on this paragraph right now] and if it is GOING to be a utility ability, it has to affect all appropriate spells.

Quel out, dawg.

And MM is tweaked yet again…

Bliz have recently released a few class updates on the PTR for 5.2, with one particular change being directed at the best class in the world… of warcraft.. (us)

 Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Aimed Shot cast time has been lowered from 2.9 to 2.5 sec.

With MM getting a small change, it says to me that they understand that MM is not performing as well as the sims indicate. Dare we dream of a return of the best (yes I said it, the BEST) spec for our class?

I would have to have a look into some of the top parses to determine if hunters really aren’t using AiS much, and the lower in cast time is to address the lack of use of MM’s (let’s face it) ‘signature’ ability… *note, I do know what Chimera shot is, but AiS is the big hitter, or at least it should be imo*