Speculation on a world (of warcraft) full of legends

I would to first like to direct your attention to a post I did a while back on legendaries of the game – I was aiming at showing reasons why we hunters should get our own legendary: you can view the post here.

9 Legendary weapons have graced the game (10 if you count the Naxx staff in Vanilla – that no one really does. Also counting the dual legendary weapons [warglaives, DS daggers] as singular legendary items) and only ONE of them had any use to us at all. Now as a pure dps class we don’t really have a lot of options as of our role – which is why (I guess) we never were really solid candidates for a legendary – we are a ranged class that isn’t a caster. With WoWhead last month releasing an article on their speculation on which class will be getting the legendary for Mists of Pandaria, it has been datamined that it may indeed be everyone. Now thisis just datamined – so it is not yet set in stone.. Yet part of me cannot help begin the QQ gears rolling…

Will we be getting something Hunter specific?

QQ 1: Not hunters?

So if it IS for everyone, then we will have gone through Vanilla plus 4 expansions where hunters got a look in (as a class) once – in a tier that only very dedicated guilds killed, and due to the very low drop chance, bugger all hunters ever got while it was relevant. As I stated in my previous post, an agility polearm would have been great – yet hunters not using melee weapons as stat sticks totally throws that out the window. I only mentioned ferals, as they haven’t really gotten any legendary love either, yet they have other specs that COULD have gotten legendaries, we have not.

QQ 2: Everyone?

So not only is it not just hunters, but it may be everyone? I thought legendaries are supposed to be legendary. They aren’t supposed to be a common item. An obvious counter-point to this is the speculation that the MoP legendary will be multi-tier; as in you will have to work on it throughout the expansion (which is a great idea). Dragonwrath was for every dps caster (which is a large population of raiders, pretty much half the dps really) and look how common they are these days? Is that really a good thing? I don’t want them to be impossible to get, yet it feels like the prestige is waning.


QQ 3: Who gets it?

IF this is for everyone, and IF a portion of it worked like any other legendary in the past 2 expansions, then there will be massive guild drama. If there is indeed items like a legendary shield up for grabs, and only one person can progress during a portion of the legendary at a time, then tanks are a great candidate. Personally I highly doubt I would be an option for the first legendary in my 10 man team if only one person can progress at  a time. I realise that there will be less drama in certain teams/guilds – yet I can admit that I will be a little bit of a sook (for example, our first kill of heroic madness consisted of 2 rogues with legendaries and 2 casters with legendaries.. and yours truly) and I know many others who don’t get selected to work on the legendary (if this is how it operates) will not be thrilled (Don’t lie, we all love loot and epeen). Now there is the possibility that, say, one person can work on a certain stage of the legendary at a time, yet since it is across the whole expac it will give you something to continue to grind in the early tiers for your guild (yet that gets back into QQ 2 with people getting it too easily).
This was just 3 points that I feel are quite obvious – we can all argue back and forth, yet it is obvious WoW is gravitating towards the more casual (and larger) portion of their player base. Is this a bad thing? I don’t really think so – except when they start messing with heroics and making normal raids too easy, but I will save that QQ for another day.

Hopefully we will get more legendary details soon, but we will have to wait and see.


Don’t forget to checkout WoWHeads post, as well as Lae’s breakdown on the speculation.

At least I got the madness mount… now to farm H rags.. What else to do before MoP? I think I better make a bucket list..