Mentoring some, berating others – just another day in WoW

As hunters, we wield a great amount of power – we are the sexiest in wow, and thus make others feel better. We destroy people with our saucy moves and leet skills, and we nuke the crapola out of raid bosses, jumping to the top of the charts where we can*. As Uncle Ben would say ‘with great power comes great responsibility” and that is very true when it comes to us hunters.

I feel that this clip could be symbolic of a discussion between a wise, awesome hunter and a young inexperienced hunter..



A derogatory term for any player in the MMORPG “World of Warcraft” who plays a hunter as their main character and so has developed bad habits and inferior skills for working in groups. Huntards often fail to watch their threat and use their “feign death” ability at the wrong moment, causing party wipes.
‘Everything was going well until the stupid huntard pulled aggro off of one of the elites, brought it back towards the casters, feigned death, then failed to get his mob off the priest. Last time I ever group with that d-bag again!’

If you ARE going to do it, do it right (wear your pvp gear)

The term Huntard is not the best thing – when used in a derogatory sense. it is a way to shut down us as a class, and is a quick insult to be used in a generalization. At the end of the day, you need to cop these ‘insults’ on the chin, don’t take it too seriously.
Now let’s face it, as a mmo, wow is an extremely social game, and we have all come across.. let’s say.. the less ‘impressionable’ kind of people in this game. the anonymity of the internet allows some sense of justification to these internet heroes who would chose to make uninformed observations directed at general groups (not just talking about hunter-bashing here). Sometimes that ‘huntard’ (or player of another class) is trying to learn, we didn’t all start off amazing at this game (except for me), no matter how much we like to think we did (daaayyaaammm, caught myself out there!).

So why the heck am I doing a semi-serious post?! Well – Blizz recently announced (on select servers) their mentoring programme. This mentor programme is an opportunity on select realms for guilds to open up and accept many new players seeking a home – for the duration of the mentoring-period, your guild takes on a different name and you are pretty much there to lend a hand to the fresh meat – teach them how to not be a huntard!

This opportunity got me thinking, and I put the information forward to my guild – not to exactly say we should do it, yet more to bring up some good discussion. The next day I was cruising around on my main, and noticed a hunter in trade chat asking about trinkets (he was asking in regards to which valor trinket to take). I ended up whispering him and talking to him for a while about his gear. As time passed I referenced him to my builds I have posted on this site, as well as helping him understand his ability priority – I realized that this person (who had very limited knowledge of the class) was just a nice guy trying to do his best – not saying that I am a total jerk who immediately thought he was a spaz… My point is that even though my particular guild may not take on the Mentor programme, there is nothing stopping any of us fantastic hunters from mentoring within our own realms. I have always helped out guildies and friends with hunter gear advice, rotation questions, build knowledge, as well as going over parses for raid leaders to help find out why some members may not be performing to their full potential. The knowledge we build while playing this great class should be passed on to others – there is no harm in helping alleviate the ‘huntard’ term all together! So don’t be quick to judge, have a chat! Make a name for yourself as that awesome guy or girl that is friendly and a great person to chat to about huntering.

So my new hunter buddy asked if I wanted to come to an LFR, hopefully to score him some loot (sorry other people who may have been in that run). It had been a looooong time since I had ventured into an LFR on my main, and I was looking forward to seeing what it was like since my last visit. If you haven’t run LFR in a while, and there is a hunter pal to help out – do it. You feel like a God; heroic gear skews everything in your favour :P

I was actually unable to roll on anything for my hunter companion, yet I had a bit of fun and melted some boss-face…

Yet oh the humanity..

I am no stranger to a-holes wiping an LFR (pulling extra trash, engaging the boss etc), after all I have some alts I play. Yet the most annoying thing I come across in this previously mentioned and infinitely acknowledged socially immersive game is the generalizing tool in some runs (this goes double for random battlegrounds). Something happens, maybe one person wiped – maybe a couple of people did the wrong thing.. There is always that one tool who is quick to point out that EVERYONE is terrible – If you are this person, go have a chair thrown at you – it is not helpful or constructive to call the whole team/raid bad especially if you yourself are barely contributing to a better outcome. I managed to not only shut down one nay-sayer in this LFR, he was also kicked – I believe several people used that great little report function that can specify the rule breach.

So, morale of this post; go out there! Help out your fellow hunters! Just don’t be a wanker :P


* note, these scenarios may not always be true – except the sexy part – that is easily true.