An evening with Euripides..

Euripides, a wise beast, can be found taming feral druids of Azeroth and discussing hairy wrists. When he is not stoping ferals from taking our agility trinkets and polearms, he can be found talking about all things huntering on the Hunting Party Podcast or shaking things up on the auction house. Join me as we discover what makes this Alliance scum (yeah, ANOTHER one.. I cannot believe it either..) tick.


Euripides - tamer of feral druids

Euripides, how are you? I hope you have been well! 

I am, thanks :) Busy as all hell, but I’d take that over the alternative any day!


Outdps, Call to Auction, the Hunting Party Podcast… what can you tell us about these?

I started OutDPS to talk about hunters and raiding what feels like a very long time ago. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have some incredible writers to collaborate with, like Eidotrope, but as my day job and writing gig at WoW Insider have eaten up more and more of my time, the site has ended up being a place I mostly only use to post the podcast episodes. I still intend to write more editorial content there, but it’s hard to find time.

The Hunting Party podcast started relatively early in the life of the blog, and I’ve been astounded about its popularity. Hunters really do have the best community :)

Call to Auction is a side project I keep trying to resurrect, but I can’t seem to find a way to make the scheduling work. I can’t prioritize it over the hunter show or my writing at WoW Insider. Lately, I’ve been trying to find a way to record it at my lunch hour at work, but that’s been a non-starter so far.


He is a GM as well... Darkbrew's boss and everything.

If the three of you from the hunting party podcast were stuck on a desert island, what would you all bring and why?

I imagine Darkbrew would be pragmatic and bring some day-job work to do while he waited for the rescue. Frost would bring a fifth of tequila and a frisbee, and if I had to choose, I’d probably bring a boat, a satellite phone, and sunscreen.


How long have you actually played WoW for? And can you tell us more about your main toon?

-I started in patch 2.2, whenever that was. My main is, of course, my hunter (“Euripides“), and I raid and PvP with him. I’m the GM for a guild I run with Darkbrew on Drenden-US (A) (<Bucket List>, we’re recruiting!), and these are the people I raid and PvP with.  I also have a DK tank I break out in case of emergency, but at this point, I’m almost convinced that my main’s pet would do a better job not dying. Additionally, I have a 75 mage and 85 paladin for profession alts (the 85 paladin was 80 for a long time and leveled mostly through JC dailies :P).


What is your least favourite raid instance of all time and why?

I really hated Trial of the Crusader. It was too short and condensed to be a whole raid night, which was hard on raiding guilds coming out from a long instance (Ulduar). Also, while I hate trash, I seemed to hate raiding the only instance without any. I don’t know what that says.


Do you think that you could defeat Bear Grylls in fisty cuffs (hand to hand combat) if you could bring one of your hunter pets (and they were real)?

Would I get my gun too? Doesn’t matter, I’d bring my sporebat and we’d be set. I bet I could distract him with a jar of his own urine too… I hear he’s partial to that.


What would be your all time favourite raid (Ulduar is not an option)

Damn it! Ok, aside from Ulduar, which I suspect is too much of a gimme, I really liked ICC and BT. They are long dungeon crawls with exceptional design, and there was a very nice progression of difficulty.


ICC - A fond memory for most during WotLK

BT - Euripides was prepared!

Why do I keep hearing about your sister? Is there something that people are missing or is this a joke that has spiralled out of control?

Frost made a sister joke once, and I foolishly took the bait and acted slightly offended or something. Since then, we’ve been circling the drain of good taste, so yeah, “a joke that has spiraled out of control” is apt ;)


Are you filthy rich in WoW (and if so, may I hack you: *note, I possess no hacking skills)

I am, but I use an authenticator and a very secure password :P. One of the parts of the game I’ve always enjoyed is the economy. Not because I like spending money, but because I like the act of buying, selling, and crafting with the goal of profit. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with all the money I’ve made- I really don’t find much value in things that can’t be used to do something (like achievements or pets), and that’s basically the only thing that’s available for those of us with gold to burn. Right now, I use my money mostly for buying my main BoEs. I’ve also bought an arena carry, but that was only so I could get a PvP gun back in 4.2 when marks would really benefit in PvE from the added weapon DPS. I’m curious to see what this black market on beta turns into, though.

Call To Auction



What is your favourite boss encounter of all time?

Probably Hodir or Iron Council from Ulduar. I really liked that place :)


Ice to meet you ;)

What is your favourite raid and boss encounter of cataclysm?

Cataclysm wasn’t quite as compelling as Wrath or BC, however I probably liked the first instances most. There was a lot of content and it was really well planned out. I liked Nefarian quite a bit, for some reason.


What is the best hunter ability?

Aside from the ability to tame sporebats, I’d have to say fear beast. Hunters in PvP are like walking trollfaces, and even against really good ferals or shammies, you can sometimes get one off when they’re not watching carefully. I’m also partial to disengage- every significant guild first kill I’ve been a part of seems to have been done with me dead, disengaged somewhere stupid.


What is your favourite color?

Green, obviously :)


Any shout-outs?

Eidotrope, for writing when I couldn’t

BRK, for inspiring me

My co-hosts Darkbrew and Frostheim, for making every Saturday an adventure

The listeners, for validating the work we do

Faeghleis, for teaching me how to edit a podcast (want to hear some truly atrocious sound? Check out the first few episodes)

And, of course, the awesome writers like yourself that keep the hunter blogosphere interesting :)

Just hanging out in pvp gear, pwning noobs most likely (mages/feral druids etc)

Thanks a bunch to Euripides, very friendly bloke :) Make sure to check out the following – He is involved in some great projects;

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