Realm first into the mists…

Quelys; Dath’remar Realm First Lvl 90 Hunter

We can’t all be great, but we can all be hunters (if we really want), and therefore (by extension) we CAN all be great. ORIGINAL STATEMENT FALLACY SHOWN!

So MoP is finally live, and it has been a week since we first got to attack the content head on. Leading up to release, a lot of people planned a marathon gaming session – friends gathered on mumble/vent, all running the new content, exploring, killing rares, destroying quests – it was all there for the taking!
Talking to some of my new guildies, I got inspired to have a good crack at the realm first achievement. This had been something I had considered before, but didn’t really plan on following through with. The ach speaks for itself, and after a ridiculous session of quest grinding, I managed to pull off realm first level 90 hunter. Here are some things (in and out of game) that I did to speed along the questing:

– In RL I made sure I had time set aside, made sure that all my family/friends thought I was away somewhere saving puppies from burning fires (something equally heroic as attempting realm first). I had food set aside (generally healthy food; fruit, nuts, pretzels, a few awesome sandwiches [I freaking LOVE a good ‘sammich’] and enough water to see me comfortably hydrated. My PC was cleaned up and tidy, and I was well rested.


  • In game I had a group to run with, I had plenty of flasks/pots/food to speed up nuking mobs. I had my specs set (survival in my case, with a backup BM/spirit beast setup), bags cleared of as much junk as possible, and a chunk of dailys completed and ready to hand in once it hit launch time.


  • I set up a few addons I hadn’t used before, mainly TurnIn; an amazing addon that is customizable to skip quest text and hand ins, allowing seamless and quick hand ins/pick ups of all quests. If you have one NPC with multiple quests to hand in, it automates it all, allowing you to interact once initially and then sit back, cackling maniacally as the quests turn in and your gold (and xp) goes up. I turned off a lot of addons that I knew would be unnecessary (it really hurt my epeen to turn off damage meters, but it was just pointless). Having the game run as smooth as possible was a definite goal for the levelling race.


  • I didn’t overly prepare in the Beta, and this would have attributed to being a few hours behind our Realm First! level 90; Grymreaper of the guild Shift. I had a great time levelling, and want to throw a shout out to the peeps of NV who made the night so enjoyable, especially the 5 man ‘dream team’ that saw us smash out dungeons and gain a lead into level 86. Getting ahead of the pack is the challenge, staying there is just grinding your rear off. Out of the NV peeps, a big shout out to Caddarly, the realm first Priest who went every step of the way with me through every quest. Having that extra person smashing out dps on mobs as well as having the ability to do a emergency heal definitely sped things up.
Front page of NV guild website, Nuggets unite!

So enough talk – What do you do when you hit level 90???

Well MoP (so far) is fantastic – I think that Blizz have really made an effort for there to be enough content to keep you interested at the end game. The first thing you will want to get underway is starting the rep grinds. The Golden Lotus are a great place to start, and be sure to pick up the Black Prince quests for the legendary’s (fappity fap fap). There are also the Tillers, the Klaxxi, the Cloud Serpents and the Anglers. There is now no limit to the amount of daily’s you can do, so prepare to grind the day away!

But Quelys, I don’t want to grind rep – I want to do more fun stuffz
– Stupid Rogue dude

Lucky for you, Mr Rogue dude, there is plenty more! The dungeons (and subsequent heroic dungeons) on offer are an easy level, and let’s face it – getting gear is the sweet sweet nectar of the WoW flower! Grind some gear out and prepare for Challenge modes and raids coming this week. Mogushan Vaults will be the first raid on offer, with 6 bosses extending their necks to receive killing blows; so gear up and prepare to carry your raid team!

There are a few mounts to grind as well, the pet battle system, world bosses (YAY), new battlegrounds, elites to farm, achievements to get… There is a lot going on! So strap yourself in, get to level 90 (by all means, enjoy the ride and take your time) and smash out those dailys!!!! (seriously, they award coins that allow you to have a second roll on loot!)

For a quick(ish) new mount, try the Lorewalkers rep. Not only does it give some awesome background lore, each time you complete one of the ‘sets’, you get to watch some RP of the lore in question! A very cool filler if you didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was happening, or if you want more background information on the various races of pandaria. You can view a good walkthrough of each site to visit here:

In the next couple of weeks I will be updating the blog with not only what I have been up to, but highlighting a specific part of MoP, so be sure to keep coming back to check out some updates! Don’t forget to check out the hunter interviews at the top of the page as well. Happy hunting, don’t be a nugget, and have fun!

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