Quelys has a new home!

With the imminent launch of Mists of Pandaria lurking on the horizon, I have left my former ‘WoW Home’ at Conclave. Conclavians; I will never forget the fun we had, and I hope to still run into all of you on Dath’remar.

The guild I have moved to is Nocturnus Vexillari – the Rank 1 guild on server. With my move here I hope to be pushing myself as far as possible within the 10m raiding scene. They raid similar times/days to Conclave, so the transition should be pretty smooth.

NV- my new home

Looking towards MoP, I am excited to be raiding with this team. They dominated through the majority of Cataclysm, picking up a few realm firsts (including the only Pre-DS kill of H Ragnaros).

They are no strangers to raiding

I have gotten to know a few of them over the last couple of weeks, they are a crazy bunch of ‘nuggets’, and I can see that MoP is going to be a fun, hilarious raiding experience.



Visit NV at their homepage, I believe they may be looking for a few more positions for the core team – check recruitment needs here.

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