Normals down!

Bring on heroic modes!

So it begins! The raiding week got off to a great start, with my guild clearing all 6 bosses. We are now winding up for the best part of raiding – heroic modes.

Our Holy Paladin Nphh recorded some of our normal kills, you can’t really get a good hunter idea of the fight, yet it gives a good indication to the strats we used and where we stacked for certain phases etc. Hopefully I will start recording the heroic fights so we can make dual PoV videos.

Hope everyone is enjoying the grind ;)

4 thoughts on “Normals down!

  1. Congrats on the guild successes and i’m sure your successes soon gear-wise :P. Could you possibly be able to do a small post on tips and tricks of hunter raiding? I have minor problems such as focus capping when i pop cooldown’s and such and your opinion on haste? I have reforged a little bit into haste because before my cobra shot just took too damn long. Other ideas like how to beat bosses from hunter perspective or even a good rotation other readers can use for their own hunters?

    • Thanks! I will definitely be putting up some hunter tips/tricks related posts in the near future! if you end up in full 363, and have gotten all the exp/hit you need, then you really shouldn’t be reforging into haste (only do so if you don’t need hit/exp and there is crit/mast on a particular piece). I understand the comfort of a quicker cobra shot, but the reforged levels won’t be very helpful. Are you running as BM or Surv?

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