MMmmmmmmm (get it?)


This is the sort of love that I have been talking about! I know it isn’t completely terrible, but as people will quickly point out – having 0 niche market for the once beloved spec of many has seen it cast aside, brought back for boredom or to fool around with (or for those that do not need to take a particular aspect of the game too seriously). I have played around with it a few times, and it just didn’t pack enough ‘oomph’.

So what are the buffs you say? BEHOLD!!!

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

So there we have it, AiS, Chim, and ss all getting nice little buffs – my favorite by far is the chim shot change, it definitely did not pack the wallop it once did, and it is good to see that it may now be back to it’s glorious self-healing self!

Time to dust it off!

Time to dust it off!

So MM enthusiasts, rejoice! for those who had pretty much abandoned the spec, dust it off and prepare to enter 5.2 as deliverer of pain! I for one look forward to it. It has been said time and time again that MM does not do as much AoE as surv, or as much single target as BM, yet this may close the gap with the single target issue, allowing it a viable (and very reasonable) choice for some fights that are not constant AoE (non-windlord-esque fights). I can’t wait!

Only thing left on my wish list is to bring entrapment back as a talent or glyph (glyph might be the better choice there). If it was baseline, then we would have possible issues with our pet being destroyed while kiting (and killing) certain adds [anyone who has been on Rage duty on heroic Will as BM can sympathise].

Things are looking up guys :)



PS: Keep in mind this comment :P

You can’t just apply these to 5.1 numbers. You need to keep the entire suite of changes in mind. I say this because we always get a few players who only see -20% on some ability and get all “Don’t nerf me, bro.”

11 thoughts on “MMmmmmmmm (get it?)

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  2. I’m kinda giddy. I’ve been faithful to MM through MOP and I’ve slowly but surely climbed the DPS charts as I’ve become more familiar with the (many) changes (er, buttons) that were implemented in the expansion.

    With these buffs, I should do quite well.

    • It definitely isn’t really THAT bad, although a lot of people will suggest so… Comparatively, yeah it is a bit behind the other two, yet it is always nice to see those who stick by a spec they love. I have only respecd for a bit of fun through a H MSV clear, and also tried it out once for Heroic Empress (muahaha). Was fun, and I look forward to having a justified reason for rolling my favorite spec again :)

  3. +15% to Explosive and Black Arrow!!!!

    I am starting to think BM will be put on the back burner (especially by myself) once 5.2 goes live.

    Really looking forward to MM/Surv combo!

    • Not sure if I might go MM/MM! lol, will depend how good these changes actually are, but if that is indeed a flat increase of 15% to surv for BA and ES, then that is looking like a very attractive PvE spec..

      • I have actually already put BM on the back burner just because I am not a fan. Also I still rock the charts as DPS so I don’t care for Epeen outside of the guild!

        I still suspect you will have Survival as a spec for cleave and AoE fights. I can not see MM being a replacement for that anytime soon.

        • Yeah I doubt anything bar surv will be good for a 2-3 target fight really… although I could see MM being just as good at a short ‘burst’ aoe type fight – It’s AoE at full focus + TotH is pretty abusive, it is just sustained AoE that surv shines at.

  4. Because of these changes, I might just go back to my beloved combo of SV and MM for PvE and PvP respectively. I’m not raiding anymore so the SV buffs aren’t too important to me but I am SO excited to try out MM in PvP again.

    • This is my main happy point as well – at the end of the day I do not really mind playing a particular spec in PvE, I will play whatever will increase the size of my Epeen – but in PvP I really miss MM and look forward to trying out the changes :)

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