Heroic Stone Guards Killed! (Featuring some tips)

This week my guild Nocturnus Vexillari took down Heroic Stone Guards, I will be updating this blog with some heroic guides and videos, so stay tuned for that (I also have some normal mode footage I am playing with, along with a sweet death on our normal clear via spirit guard ‘wall-of-death’ adds).


A few tips

  • Make the ‘crystal running’ your priority: when these bad boys are up, the bosses die quicker
  • Deterrence is sweet: Glyph it for the extra reduction, and spec into crouching tiger, hidden chimera. Deterrence is not only useful as a good personal CD, it also mitigates the cobalt ‘bombs’ ENTIRELY, allowing you to quickly clear some floor space for dance moves
  • Make sure to aspect dance: If you don’t have a macro, make one. There is a fair amount of movement in this fight (during the crystal-running), so dpsing on the move helps
  • Be aware of your surroundings: clear cobalt ‘bombs’ for your tanks and healers, stay near your fellow raiders if Jasper is up (you don’t want to be far away if chained)
  • Masters Call (yay for PvE utility!): this will break the petrifaction effect, allowing you to escape disaster or close gaps with chained raiders. It also breaks the rooting effect of the Cobalt bombs.
  • If you micro manage your pet on passive, make sure it is on the right target!
  • Blow CDs when the damage stacks are high, make the most use of them to quicken the fight.


I will leave the rest/more details for the upcoming guides! Good luck!

Ps. Feel free to check out my Pally mate Nphh and his Holy PoV of our kills, he gives a good indication for raid movement and positioning.


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