Comments up, bosses down

I had to recently get the help of my tech friend (who pretty much takes care of my site-related needs) to control the spam of my site.. H-O-L-Y crap was there some spam; I think even my spam had spam (and that spam brought some spam-in-a-can, something I have not eaten, and now will never try due to being put off by comment spam). The site is now cleaned up with a new filter in place, and after deleting about 6,800 spam comments, I feel that we are back in control! Quel – 1 Spam – 6800

So with that, if you have commented on the site within the last month, then I may have sorted it with the spam… It was practically impossible to manually sort through the amount of crap that had filled up my comments section. The validation system seems to work fine, as once I have approved a posters comment, they seem to have no issues getting another one up (as long as it is posted under the same identification) and I don’t even have to approve it from that point on!

Last time I had this filter in place, some friendly fellow hunters brought to my attention some interference that the filter had when they were trying to comment.. This is not great, so please let me know if this happens again by emailing me direct at

Comments are rare anyway, so I won’t hold my breath :P

Site updates are still on the way – I was inspired by our Heroic Garalon kill to begin writing a guide for it the following day. This should be up later this week – I find throwing this up would be a good (although unorganized) start due to the past performance we as hunters have on this particular raid encounter (and our inability to cleave). We now perform quite well, if not very well, compared with the other classes, and to be sat for this encounter for being a hunter is now unacceptable! (yay). With the Garalon guide, I feel compelled to complete the rest of my guides as well, I am still tossing up between a multi-layered guide encounter-by-encounter, OR a big “MSV” guide, highlighting tactics, tips, and tricks.. If you feel game let me know in the comments!!! ;)

Bug goes squish!!!

In game we managed to secure realm first heroic MSV clear last week, as well as taking down blade lord and garalon… hopefully we keep up this pace! The server first spam is quite satisfying :P
I’ll quickly mention that we hunters are utility gods on heroic will of the emperor!

I look forward to putting up my encounter guides (don’t forget, they are generally hunter specific, not raid guides) as well as updating my spec guides now we are knee-deep in mists. Hope that your particular azerothian adventures are just as fruitful!

<3 Quelys

PS. Feel free to check out our Holy Pallys PoV of our first Heroic Will of the Emperor kill – you can see my sexy hunter trapping skills ;)

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