And MM is tweaked yet again…

Bliz have recently released a few class updates on the PTR for 5.2, with one particular change being directed at the best class in the world… of warcraft.. (us)

 Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

  • Aimed Shot cast time has been lowered from 2.9 to 2.5 sec.

With MM getting a small change, it says to me that they understand that MM is not performing as well as the sims indicate. Dare we dream of a return of the best (yes I said it, the BEST) spec for our class?

I would have to have a look into some of the top parses to determine if hunters really aren’t using AiS much, and the lower in cast time is to address the lack of use of MM’s (let’s face it) ‘signature’ ability… *note, I do know what Chimera shot is, but AiS is the big hitter, or at least it should be imo*


4 thoughts on “And MM is tweaked yet again…

  1. Raiding back in Wotlk MM was such a simple rotation with amazing dps It was laughed at to play Survival, then thrown eggs at to try PVE with BM, it would be nice for blizzard to make a few minor tweaks such as cast times to make it a viable spec again. Maybe a patch or two until they truly get it right :)

    • I feel as soon as we had the increased focus regen thanks to tier gear (and now built into our class), the ‘clean’ AiS dumping way of the hunter was a bit yucky. I look forward to it being OP again one day… It will happen! *crosses fingers*

  2. I am looking forward to the change!

    I really want MM to be viable again also, never been a big BM fan and probably still play survival too much on progression fights when I should be squeezing DPS.

    Lets just hope .4 of a second will make Aimed worth the filler rather than Arcane!!

    • I really miss it, but the spec itself feels a little lack-luster. Now that my team has 2/3 raids on farm, I plan to take it on a few more joyrides in place of my BM spec (I still love surv for Heroic Will- for the pure reason of entrapment… I miss that as a spec-able talent).
      The aoe of MM is actually quite respectable as well!

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