About me

About QHC

I have been a massive fan of hunters since beginning the game, and the more I learnt and the more I got into other informative sites, the more I got hooked on the idea to begin my own. So with the help of my good friend Arkrel (He may be a druid yet he is still a top bloke – I believe he has a hunter alt) Quel’s Hunting Corner was born.

I aim to make this site an enjoyable read from a hunter perspective, as well as having important and informative guides and tips/tricks for all Hunters :)

Currently I focus more on the PvE side of the game, so my posts will be more PvE related until such time as I grace arena or RBGs with my sexiness – I do love PvP, I am just not involved at the moment.

About me

In RL I am a pretty normal person (cliché or what?) – I am a Biology teacher, and like to make science jokes periodically. I have a large group of friends I spend a lot of time with (none of which play wow), I guess I am a bit of a closet-gamer – I don’t tell a lot of people about my gamer ways 😛

I also am an avid fan of the gym and I play rugby in a local competition where I live.


I started playing towards the end of BC; Quelys was actually my second toon in WoW; my first being an undead rogue by the name of Orpse. After being terribad and bored I rolled Quelys – who actually began his life as a Blood Elf (ew, I know). At least he wasn’t called Legolas.

The majority of my time in game was spent being terrible (but having a great time) in battlegrounds. As I got to level 70 Wrath was coming out. I got into wrath a few months after its release, slowly levelling up and pugging Nax runs where I could. After moving between several guilds and not getting very far, I ended up with a very casual guild and managed to clear 5/12 heroic ICC 10m.. so not very far. In cata I finally got around to upgrading my hardware, allowing me to experience WoW how it should be.. at anything rather than 5 fps… I joined Victoria Vel Nex (now Stormwind Fire Brigade on alliance), cleared mostly normal content with them and had a good time – it was casual raiding yet enjoyable :)  After moving to alliance for a few months, I grew Horde-sick (see what I did there?), I transferred back and applied to Conclave. I joined Nocturnus Vexillari at the end of Cataclysm where I obtained a few realm firsts and some great dps rankings. In 2013 I quit the game for a few months before coming back for some casual PvP. I then took a hiatus for about a year.
I have returned at the end of patch 6.1 and have gone back to Dath’remar (although alliance /cry) – I raid with Twizted again with some great people.

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