A day in the Beta.. and farewell my old friend…

Twas a dark and stormy night… The beta had finished downloading – I put my knitting aside, finished my tea and decided ‘tonight would be the night’.

As dramatic as I would like to start this post out (and let us face it, you were hooked the minute I said knitting – “WHAT ARE YOU MAKING QUEL?!” [you screamed at your screen] “IT’S A HAT, ISN’T IT?!” – I am sorry to deceive you fellow hunters, twas not a hat.

The beta began with the obligatory UI setup – I had to at least make sure the necessities were keybound… /dance, /silly, /mana (Oom message from hunters, still hilarious). Once all the kinks were sorted (yet aspect switching macro decided it wouldn’t play nice) I began my journey in Pandaria.

One thing I have noticed in the Beta is patience (with most players). It was the most amazing thing (yet obviously logical) I have seen in the game in a long time – people queuing in an orderly line to complete a quest – The quest would bug out if more than one person did it at a time.


So far the quests are interesting, the surroundings look good; new but not unfamiliar. It does feel like an Outland 2.0 to me so far (definitely not a bad thing), and it is refreshing to not fly between every single quest item/mob/npc.

and waiting.. oh god..

The premade Hunters are quite quaint, beginning in the starting area of the Jade forest, complete with a Firelands-esque set of armour, JC and Enchanting mats as well as a PvP set – everything one would need to quest through this new area (although, I failed to see any¬†resemblance of ‘mist’ anywhere..).
I can honestly say I played around for about an hour, casually finishing the tedious quests and suffering through a server crash when it started to occur to me that I really missed concussive shot.
Anyone that has done extensive kiting (whether in PvE or PvP) can understand how much Concussive Shot is a staple of our arsenal. As an MM fan boy, I did have Concussive Barrage, yet it wasn’t really the same. Kiting seemed a tad more difficult.. How to keep these darstardly fiends at bay without my trusty shot?
Looking through the glyph slots is great, there are not many obvious choices; more utility options – which personally I feel is the way to go with being able to have a customizable and unique character amongst the millions around you (in the community.. not on your server… I am not that silly… today). There was one ‘gem’ that seems to be the substitute for my dear friend Concussive: Glyph of Arcane Shot.

I do not feel that this is a good substitute – Concussive (with no focus cost) and nearly 100% uptime, vs arcane shot (costs focus).. add concussive barrage to the mix and you might have something sexy going on, yet I feel that things won’t be as smooth as they once were, and I shall mourn my good friend Concussive Shot.
As I contemplated this while taking on multiple mobs with a more-than-usual squishy pet, a mob started punching me in the face.. I was able to shoot him in the face…

Could the removal of the free slow shot be a negative result of losing our minimum range mechanic? If so there could be a negative repercussions.

We have lost a fair bit of control through the majority of the class – only Survival gets entrapment and wing clip is gone entirely. Now that our shots will be able to be dodged, this doesn’t bode well for PvP (arcane shot miss, no slow, face eaten… you see the pattern). At this stage it is not fair to yell and carry on about things being broken – yet I hope they tweak some things (they most certainly will) before the beta comes to a close.

After all, if they don’t there will be less images like this:

How.. how did we lose?!

And more like this:

hey dead bodies... nice one npc.. wait..

That's not an npc!

Happy Hunting – I shall have to come back with more hunter-musings from pandaland.

<3 Quelys

4 thoughts on “A day in the Beta.. and farewell my old friend…

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  2. Teach me, master! :P
    As I normally play as BM, I don’t feel that the dazing arcane shot will be bad for me, since it is one of my main skills on focus dumping. But, still, I’m saying that from an “outside” position, as I haven’t tested beta yet.
    BTW, nice BG score. I have this problem. I usually get top damage and kills, but I die at least sometimes, so I don’t have the Wrecking Ball achievement, which bugs me off.
    See ya and good luck o/

    • That is part of the strange feeling to it – you don’t really need to kite like we used to (since we can shoot up close).
      Scince there is no CD on arcane, I am sure it will be fine as long as you are aspect switching and moving, yet I can’t help but miss that free shot with the swirly picture :(
      In BG’s atm I am running around with half PvE half PvP in a Marksman PvP build – tiny bit of resil helps enhance defensive play, which is definatly important when mowing through people. I did happen to have 2 guildies with me in that run (and it wasn’t a rated BG), which definatly made it a lot easier.

  3. I will miss it too. Like Basilysk I PVP as BM, so I use Arcane a lot already. But now I will have to mind the focus. xD
    I’ve been a little on beta as well, and wow how weird it feels to have some mob meleeing you and you can just shoot it in the face like you said. My instinct tells me to start with a Concussive Shot while questing/soloing; and the mob is dead before it reaches me (either cause I kill it quick or cause I kite). I have no patience for pet aggro. :)
    I’m really very positive to Mists of Pandaria though, it can’t come soon enough.


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