Still here!

Just an update that I havn’t quit or anything, I am just swamped at this particular point in time.

In the next week or so the site will be getting a lot more action (oh you dirty site you!), I will be updating a few things, work on changing the layout to bring in the MoP-era, and hopefully have a couple more interviews underway.
Happy hunting, and may the patch not break everything you hold dear :)


– Quelys

Release dates, bucket lists, and bows

Now that we all know the release date for MoP, my feelings are on a one way track – awesome that it is closer than some people would have you think, and that time is slipping away to get some shiz done!


I have seen fellow bloggists have their bucket lists, and although I have some things that I would indeed like to finish off, I have never constructed a list exactly… this will most likely be my ‘get done in the few weeks to go’ list, I will have to work on a more definitive list for my WoW career.

~ My Pre-MoP Bucket List ~

This is where I keep my list

Raid Metas

I really want to get all of this out of the way –  I have just never gotten around to it! Not really concerned about the rewards, it is more the completionist in me that wants to open the dungeons and raids tab in MoP and only see MoP achievements to get. Maybe it will create a new sort of focus…
I managed to finish of Ulduar 10/25, so I just have a couple more to get rid of in ICC 10/25, Malygos in 25m and a couple of 25 naxx achs.


Level my other two hunters to 85

I currently have one of these bad mofo’s sitting at level 80 waiting for a Herald of the Titans run that should be going down in two weeks. The other I play every now and again for an hour or so, I think it is around 47 at the time of this article. There is a chance of one of these being left at a certain level (either 80, or in the case of my low level toon; 70) for some twink fun, but that is yet to be decided. The level 80 toon needs a name/race/gender change – When I created it, it was just as a joke to put in a guild that has some mates that I like to keep in touch with. It is a female blood elf named Syleuq (Quelys backwards)… I would like to make it a troll like my main, and call it ‘Quelington’ – Hunt like a sir. The lower level hunter is undead and called Quel, which is totally badass. [I now have one of them at 85, Quel. The other (Syleuq) shall stay at lvl 80 as a twink]


Max all professions

I have everything except Blacksmithing and Inscription maxed across my various alts. Having maxed proffessions is just so much better than not – oh you want some pots? no problem! glyphs? don’t mention it! etc.


Legendary awesomeness

I am waiting on one binding to drop for thunderfury, as well as getting the mats together for sulfuras – yes I am aware we cannot equip it, but that mofo shall shit proudly in a bank spot (or in void storage) to remind me that all weapons are indeed hunter weapons. Need to start running Sunwell… dang bow drop rates…


Farm some mount drops

Things like Kara, Vortex Pin, and Stonecore all drop some awesome mounts – all three can be soloed as a Hunter I believe, so time to dust off the ol’ solo boots. They weren’t only made for walking – they were made for pwnigng.


Kill more alliance

I would like to end up reaching 250k honourable kills, however I have realised it has taken me around a year to get 50k… so I doubt I pvp enough to reach that mark. I am closing in on the 100k at least, and I guess that is something.


Get organized for MoP!

This involves spending more time on the beta sorting some finer details out, getting a few mates from within my guild to be ready to smash out dungeons on release day, farm/buy a crap-tonne of mats for pots, food, flasks etc. Get money ready for that mount with the reforger, make sure I have time set aside in RL etc. There are a few things to finish off, like picking who shall stay and who shall go in my stable and also clearing out banks and void storage. Minus the legendaries I mentioned, I will most likely sell/delete all melee weapons I have. I also have to get rid of my excess gem stock…

I am sure there are many more things that I will be doing/having fun with. More beta time is needed, yet I am flat out IRL for the next three weeks… this should allow me just enough time to have a good session or two in the beta :)


At this point I am just having fun – We have been farming H Madness for a while, and I am lucky enough to only be chasing 2 pieces of BiS loot… add writing up my BiS lists to my bucket list… (H Madness bow is sexy)