HM Warmaster Hunter PoV vid

This is just a kill from a couple of weeks ago (also the last of my ‘first DS recordings). I am currently talking to a guildy of mine who is going to shed some light on how to make my videos sexier – better quality etc.. I think it still just might be my options in Fraps (which I kept low so my PC can handle it).

Once again this is just practice for le future, yet hopefully a couple of game play tips might help people out – this fight along with spine/madness seem to be the fights that guilds are still working on, so I don’t mind releasing this ahead of the other four. The fight is presented at x2 speed (I didn’t want it dragging on), and there are a few mistakes to keep an eye out for ūüėČ

Also; “…smash the adds until your drake ARRIVES*…” not arrived… silly Quelys




BTK take down Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn

The art of Tabana-ing

Countless work has been done by our next hunter guest to help bring the WoW hunter community together. The amount of effort is staggering once you take into account all the various sources to sift through and organize – That said I welcome Tabana from the WoW Hunters Hall, so that we may better understand and thank the hard working (yet still silly alliance) toon behind the magic that allows all of us to enjoy a dynamic community portal.


Alliance seem to flood my blog these days… But at least they are top people (due to the fact they are hunters)

Hey Tabana! When did you first start playing WoW, and what is your favourite thing about the hunter class?

Hi Quel! I started playing WoW in early 2006. There are many things I like about the hunter class, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be our independence.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a Geneticist. I live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy art, music, and spending time at the coast.


What about your raiding history?

The first raid I ever participated in was ZG at level 60. I’d been waiting a while for a chance at a spot, then one evening the regular hunter couldn’t make it and I was invited; they needed someone to kite the Sons of Hakkar up onto the platform and kill them at the appropriate time. I was a bit nervous but I got the job done and the guild got their first Hakkar kill. I’ve been raiding nonstop ever since and loving every minute of it.


Sinestra defeated

Do you enjoy any other specific aspects of WoW?

Next to raiding, my favorite part of the game is my guild. Some of us have been playing together for 5 or 6 years, others are newer friends, but overall they’re a great group of people. I also enjoy exploring new environments and questing, particularly when there‚Äôs a compelling storyline.


Tell us about WoW Hunters Hall, and your role within it

WoW Hunters Hall was an idea conceived by Frostheim. The concept was to gather hunter information from across the web together into one place and to give smaller blogs and new writers a place to share their work with a larger audience. The original plan was to have a team of hunters scouring the web and contributing content but as time went on our numbers dwindled due to RL commitments and there are currently only 3 of us keeping the site going.

I monitor just over a hundred blogs, forums, and YouTube channels for hunter-related articles and videos. I write weekly recaps of the Elitist Jerks hunter forum and occasionally  put together a guide or compilation if there is significant interest in a particular topic.

If anyone is interested in contributing, please contact us. Areas where we could really use help are in covering the Arena Junkies, Battlenet, MMO-C, and Petopia hunter forums. We also welcome original articles on hunter-related topics.


Your compendiums on the WHH are fantastic, how do you find time to do all of it?

Thank you. I used to raid with my alts on off nights but I found that I was less interested in doing that this expansion and now use that time for WHH instead.


What is your favourite hunter ability?

Lock and Load!


Tabana with sweet hunter swag… rare bow is rare

Do you have a favourite spec?

In the past I liked MM but in Cata I find SV to be more enjoyable. Keeping up ISS is a bit tedious, whereas the SV playstyle is more dynamic and adaptable.


What is the best raid of all time, and what is the best boss encounter of all time?

SSC and Lady Vashj. There were a lot of things going on and hunters had a variety of jobs to do in addition to dps, which made the fight interesting, challenging, and fun. And there were thousands of sporebats!


What is the best raid tier of cataclysm, and why?

I’d have to say Firelands. The fight mechanics seemed more interesting than the other tiers, the difficulty level was appropriate, and flying during the Alysrazor encounter was a blast!


Tabana vs Alysrazor

If you had to trade abilities with any other class, what ability would you want to get, and what ability could you part with?

I’d trade Immolation Trap for Rejuvenation. That would be fair wouldn’t it?


If you had to design an aspect of the game, what would you help out with/do and why?

Hmm… I think I’d like to help design environments so that I could play in a world of my own imagining.


Do you have any personal projects you are working on?

I’ve been working on Frostbitten and have one rare left to get (Vyragosa).

The Angrydome’s first kill of Heartbreaker (XT hard mode)


Many thanks to Tabana for her time, not to mention the ongoing effort for all of the hunters out there. Visit the WoW Hunters Hall for some of Tabana’s work – the compilations of pvp info, dragon soul guides, 101 guides, EJ coverage is fantastic.


Sigh… and yay?

So with my whole new thing of making bad quality videos with outdated information (not really, let us all face it – everything I do is PRETTY amazing) I made a big boo boo.

I deleted my original fraps recordings of my DS run – after I had made videos of ALL the encounters… So quite annoyed I shall have to get new footage tomorrow night and begin working on them from scratch.. Live and learn I guess.


In the mean time, I have been mucking around on 2 new hunter alts – Syleuq, my lvl 70 Hunter, and more recently Quel – My lvl 18 hunter. Most of the levelling I do on alts is via a few quests and bgs – I find that Bgs are more dynamic and a bit more fun than spamming lfg.
Hunters are definitely known for being OP within the 15-19 bracket, pretty much regardless of gear.
I threw together a video of my time in a WSG match at lvl 17 – full BoA gear, but not much else (as you can tell from my health) this is NOT a twink video, yet I show a few different things you can do within these low level matches.



Video guide – HM Morchok

So I have actually started something that I have mentioned on this blog!
I am aware that many people have destroyed Morchok aaaaages ago, and with the 25% nerf this guy is a joke – However, if you are a new hunter or your team is only just stepping into hard modes (hell, even if you are new to raiding) then hopefully this ‘guide’ [I use guide in a loose sense..] may be of some use.

Pretty much I am using this as an opportunity to get used to fraps and editing before MoP hits, hopefully I can get some of our early kills and throw them up.




My first H Morchok kill with team BTK <3

More smart, more safe… Morynne

My next guest assures me she has played Horde, but has been playing Alliance consistently for about 3 years.. I am not sure how to feel about that.. It is like falling from grace I guess. Morynne is the proud author of Marks 365, a great hunter blog. Join me as we discuss the finer points of this traitor… I mean… awesome hunter…

Greetings Morynne! To kick this off; Where have you been?!

Salutations!¬†I wish I had a better answer, but I’ve had to spend the majority of my time lately with work. ¬†I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty, but it’s required a good deal of my energy, and something had to give. ¬†Unfortunately it was the blog. ¬†I’m mostly out of the woods now, so I’m hoping I can start writing again more frequently.



When did you first begin your adventures in WoW? And more importantly- when did you decide that hunters were the official Kings and Queens of awesomeness? 

I started playing WoW about a week after release. ¬†Prior to playing Warcraft I was playing a game called Shadowbane, and fell in love with the Scout class. ¬†In that game, it was mostly a ranged rogue type character. ¬†I’ve always liked ranged classes. ¬†That even goes back to Everquest when I was playing a Necromancer way back in the day. ¬†When I first started playing WoW, my first character was a Troll Shaman. ¬†It was fun, just not my cup of tea. ¬†I started playing a hunter after that and never looked back.¬†

Morynne in game: Hunter = good, Alliance = not so good. What can you tell us about your character?

Well, believe it or not, ¬†through some magical happenstance, I was an Orc for awhile. ¬†I started Draenei, went Orc, and now I’m a Worgen. ¬†I guess you could say I’m a little confused. ¬†There’s no telling what will happen once we venture into Pandaria. ¬†With that stint as Horde, I guess I’m not all dirty Alliance.


Morynne and her mounts... show off! :P

What about the real life Morynne – What is she like?

She’s an odd duck. ¬†She’s a manager at a contact center for an OEM computer manufacturer doing server level chat support. ¬†If you know techy people, they’re a very haphazard bunch. ¬†When she’s not at work, she’s typically hanging out with her Husband, who plays an Enhancement Shaman in the same guild. ¬†Some of her other hobbies include signing up for projects she doesn’t have time for, stressing for no reason, and still somehow managing to get everything done. ¬†Oh, and she ice skates a little bit too, and is a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan.


I have followed your blog for some time, can you tell us more about it?

he blog started in November of 2009, mostly out of frustration with the blogs I was reading for perspective. ¬†None seemed to provide exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to create it myself. ¬†At the time, I was hardcore Marksmanship only opinioned, so I decided to use that as inspiration for the name. ¬†I’ve now gotten truly to the point where I don’t care what spec I play, just whatever brings the most value to the raid I’m in.


I remember a post from last year ‚ÄúBlizzcon 2011 or bust‚ÄĚ , have you managed to attend a Blizzcon?

I did, I attended Blizzcon 2009 and 2010 and had an absolute blast. ¬†In 2009 it was a whole new world for me, not knowing what to expect, but being able to get together with a few guild mates and get to know them more away from the game is an experience I consider invaluable. ¬†I wrote a little bit that was published on WoW Insider about my Blizzcon experiences too.¬†There were more of us that got together in 2010, and despite having left that guild, I still keep in touch with some of them. ¬†They’ve turned into really good friends.


You changed guilds last year, do you have any tips for integrating into a new raid team?

I joined Conquest last year after my husband having met Lodur at Blizzcon in 2010 during the WoW Insider party. ¬†They hit it off pretty well, and he was pretty instrumental for both of us to make the change. ¬†Best advice for integrating into a new raid team is be yourself. ¬†My situation was a little different in that my husband and I both joined the same raid team at the same time — but make sure you’re reasonable and up front with your expectations. ¬†If you know you have something that will take you away from your raid team regularly, make sure the guild knows that prior to putting you in a team. ¬†This just goes on top of the usual for being a good member of a raid team. (Be prepared, know the strategies, don’t stand in bad… etc.)


Preparing for Mists of Pandaria

Apart from raiding, do you actively participate in any other aspects of WoW?

I do a little transmog, but that’s mostly due to my gear being mismatched, or just getting tired of the models. ¬†I typically revert back to Tier 5 when I change things up. ¬†I do collect non-combat pets, and am super ready for Pandaria. ¬†I have 175 non-combats now, and can’t wait to collect ALL THE THINGS. ¬†I do have well over 100 mounts as well. ¬†I’ve dabbled in Auction House farming for gold, but admittedly lose interest in it. ¬†My most commonly sold item to earn gold? Disgusting Oozeling, so yeah. ¬†I do pets.


What is your favourite pet skin within the game?

I really like the white shiny cats from inside one of the newer 5-mans. ¬†I want to say they’re the cats that you fight when you’re doing the Echo of Tirande. ¬†I am also pretty partial to my lava turtle. Nemesis stepped on me once, and I had to have one. For comedy’s sake though I have been known to use a purple tallstrider named Nurple when I want to troll the melee in raid. ¬†That thing makes some awful noises.


If you had to choose, what would be your favourite raid and encounter in WoW history?

Hands down, I loved Black Temple. ¬†There were enough bosses to go through that if you got stuck on one, you had the option of going to another one, and it was challenging from the get-go. ¬†It wasn’t meant to be for the masses, and it really felt like something when my guild took down Illidan right before the Wrath nerf. ¬†I think I enjoyed it mostly because of the sense of accomplishment that came with the attunement (originally), then taking down Illidan. ¬†Pretty sweet. ¬†I’m still angry that I’ve never seen his bow drop though, and I farm it pretty regularly.


What is your favourite boss encounter of Cataclysm?

Oh geez, I’m torn. ¬†On one hand, I really love DPS races that don’t require a lot of movement, but I also really like innovative mechanics. ¬†If I had to pick a DPS race, I love Ultraxion to showcase what my capability is. ¬†No movement, just timing on clicking an ability. ¬†Though for any fight, I really liked Atramedes. ¬†The sound mechanic was very different. ¬†I also wish I could ride him as a mount, but that’s a whole different story.


Flaunting her ex-horde ties...

In your opinion, what is the best hunter ability?

The quintessential ability for me is Bestial Wrath. ¬†Nothing screams relationship between a beast and it’s master is the primal drive to accomplish a common goal, and rally to cause more destruction. ¬†It’s truly a shame that Beast Mastery was not competitive this expansion. ¬†I’ve always been partial to Marksmanship though, and I really like Aimed Shot for it’s ability to do a lot of damage given enough prep time.


Any shout outs?

I can’t not give a shout out to my guild mates in Conquest. ¬†They’re awesome. ¬†Logan and Viktory who do the Leetsauced Podcast, Lodur from WoW Insider, For the Lore, and World of Matticus, and no one can forget Matticus from WoW Insider, World of Matticus and the many many other projects he has going. ¬†And as always, you can find me at and on twitter at

Thanks for having me!


Be sure to check out Marks 365 to keep up to date with all things Morynne!
Ps. The title for this interview was influenced by an Australian commercial… Just got it stuck in my head ūüėõ

What is next?

Greetings gang!
So I have a fair few things in the works at the moment, things have calmed down in RL for a couple of weeks, and with having killed heroic Madness there is a few things I can now get around to.

Long time coming..

I really enjoyed the hunter interview process I have been doing – getting to meet a bunch of great people and being able to ask a bunch of questions has been a lot of fun. I have a couple more in the mix, so stay tuned for those (one will be posted this week).
I finally got around to having a play around with fraps. I hope to eventually be able to produce quality videos – but until then I will just fool around with basic editing software and have a bit of fun :)
One of my first projects (and I have a tiny bit of footage to get started with..) is a Heroic Dragon Soul Hunter guide – video guide, like a sir.

I shall also have to finish off my actual guides… I started off so strong and just let it slide… Oops. At this point it may be moot, so I may have to get rid of them (they were to be normal mode ‘hunter perspective-ish’ guides) and just replace with the videos of heroic kills. At least this way I can put some wicked music over the top :)

So, as I dive into hunter things in a hunterly fashion, I give you… a badly edited and recorded flag capture, featuring Krothi (my monkey pal). (don’t watch in full screen, quality is terribad).

This was my first attempt at fraps and editing, it is just a small section of a Twin Peaks battle. As I went into the horde base to cap the flag, a ret (who had been hounding me the whole match) and a mage attempted to intercept. Scatter shot, disengage, and monkey stun see that I can make it safely over… Also it gave me enough time to /rofl at the mage… (I am a bit of a doodlehead in bgs)…

Happy Birthday to a Druid

Yes, a druid. I apologise in advance.

Arkrel has been a friend of mine since Quelys was created – he was one of the first people I raided with, and as a trusty resto, made it his duty to see me stay alive long enough to carry the rest of our team *cough.. not really… cough* to victory against the Lich King.
Arkrel is now retired from World of Warcraft, yet he leaves behind many friends who still stay in touch, as well as fond memories. Not only did he help me get beta access (wink), he encouraged my noob-blogging and set up this website for me.

So grab your favourite hunter beverage (toast that he is not a feral) and wish Arkrel a very happy birthday.

Hope you have a good day bro :)

Arkrel during Wrath of the Lich King

Frosticles – The Frostheim Experience

A lone bell rings in the distance… Several wolves howl in unison at the moon. The time is neigh children, so gather around with ol’ Quel as we dive into the deep… Into a place where Sporebats are Gods and knowledge is power… You have just entered –
The Frostheim Experience


Hello Frostheim! I will cut to the chase and just ask ‚Äď is it true what they say about dwarves with hairy wrists?

If you heard it from Euripides, it’s a safe bet that it’s all lies.


Frost; stealer of hearts.

Jokes aside, it is a pleasure interviewing you – When did you first begin playing WoW, and was Frost always your main?

I started in 2005 with Frostheim. I tried a handful of other classes while I was leveling, but none of them were half as awesome or good-looking as a dwarven hunter.

The Warcraft Hunters Union is one of the go-to sites for many hunters out there, how did it start and where do you see it going in the future?

Warcraft Hunters Union started in the trailing days of Burning Crusade. I started it with friend and fellow hunter Arust. The original concept was that I was the dwarven hunter mocking elves and he was the elven hunter mocking dwarves, but as much as we mocked each other we all teamed up against any other class. As it turns out the sissy elf coun’t handle the mocking and faded out pretty quickly, and I’ve been blogging ever since. It’s too bad, because Arust was into a lot of things I wasn’t, like achievements and collecting stuff or anything else that a really obsessive personality drives you toward.

As for where the WHU is going — at this point it’s going to be just a lot more of the same. More gear and rotation analysis, more number crunching, more mocking of elves and support classes, more big in-game events, and more of whatever else I can think of. At this point I don’t think there are many big milestones left, so the secret is to just keep on going. I do have an idea for a slightly different style of videos than I’ve done in the past, but I’ll have to look into that after MoP is more or less set.


Which is better? Dwarves or Night Elves?
Frost and Arust in RL - I assume they are hunting..

The WHU guild most likely started from some evil idea to stock up Azeroth with Dwarven drunks with a taste for huntering, how did it all begin and what have been the highlights?

The original idea was to do a big fun in-game event with nothing but dwarven hunters. I was honestly expecting 20-30 people to show, and the first event had nearly 100. I was execting to hold the whole event in a single raid group, and communication between three raid groups was rough. So the guild first started as an easier way of communicating for in-game events.

From there the guild took on a life of it’s own. Hunters quickly formed an “alt” guild of max level characters (mostly death knights for the leveling boost of starting at level 55) just to farm mats for the main guild. The WHU guild has organized tons of its own events in between the official events for the blog — everything from all hunter battlegrounds to the badass all-hunter raid team — most of them are currently level 80 finishing off the last of the bosses in Wrath.

It seems that for Cataclysm you have stepped down from raiding (at in contrast to your level of raiding in ICC) ‚Äď Will we see an epic return in the future?

We’ll have to see. I like raiding and enjoy raiding but shortly into Cataclysm it just became very clear that Ihad to cut back on my scheduled WoW time, which means cutting out raiding. I’ve done some LFR stuff recently but had very little real raiding this expansion, which sucks. Whether I can start in on it hard in Mists all depends on whether my RL obligations lighten up.


Pets - loving AND sadistic

Thinking of the WoW Hunters Hall, and the WHU guild… and WHU itself, it seems that you are the unofficial spokes-hunter. How do you feel about the amount of attention and feedback these all receive, and how do you currently feel about the hunter community?

I don’t think I’m really any kind of spokeshunter — one of the great things about the hunter community as opposed to that of many of the support classes is that we have so many voices. We don’t have just one or two meaningful blogs — we have dozens, and tons of hunters that are vocal and helpful to the class as a whole.

As for how I feel about the attention and feedback for WHU, WHH, and the guild… well, I wish they all got twice as much!


What is your favourite article you have ever written?

Holy crap, that’s a LOT of articles. Over 1,300 on the WHU alone. I think a better target is toask the WHU readers what their favorite is.


Frost - Now in comic form

I am a long time listener of the Hunting Party Podcast ‚Äď How did you come to join the show as a host, and what are some of the best moments you have experienced on it?

I was asked to be a guest on the show back when it was just a teenager and after offending hordes of BM hunters they asked me to join as a host.


The best moments on the show are mostly the times that we weren’t talking about hunters at all but were joking around and generally having a good time — obviously episodes 69 and 100 are on this list. I’m also super thrilled with all of the guests that we’ve had on the show — we’ve had a ton of awesome hunters on the podcast and we almost always have a good time when we have special guests on. When I think back about all the killer top-tier hunter raiders — the best in the world — that I’ve had a chance to talk with, it’s pretty incredibly and I feel really lucky.


If you, Darkbrew, and Euripides were going to be stranded on a desert island, what three items would you each bring and why?

I’d probably be inclined to bring one of those solar-powered rechargers with a Kindle filled with survival texts — buildling fish traps, identifying plants, etc. Darkbrew would bring some starter yeast for some island brewing, and Euripides would come up with something that violates the rules of the scenario and end up nekkid and sunburned.


;    however    ,        explain yourself!

Knowledge is the most valuable thing I can think of to bring.


What is it that makes hunters the ultimate class of Warcraft?

Everything about the class.

You met Ghostcrawler once, was he carrying a nerf bat? Is he a lover or hater of hunters?

I’ve met him a couple times now, and never was he wielding a nerf bat. Ghostcrawler is definitely a lover of hunters. He’s interested in not just the mechanics of the game and the class, but also in the feel and flavor, willing to spend design time on fun things like interesting tame challenges.


What would be your biggest highlight from your time playing World of Warcraft?

Hoo, that’s a long time nowadays. Probably one of the best moments was still killing Ragnaros back in vanilla days. I don’t know what it was about fighting our way through MC, but those memories stick with me as more exciting than Onyxia (my first raid), BlackWing, the Lich King or anything else.

There was definitely something about 40-man raids that today’s raids can’t duplicate.


What is the best raid boss encounter ever? And what is the best raid of all time (Ulduar is off the table)?

The best raid boss encounter is the last one you beat in progression. For the best raid of all time I’ll have to stoop down and bring ULDUAR BACK ON THE FRICKIN TABLE!


What change(s) are you most looking forward to in MoP?

No minimum range.


How many hunters do you have across all the servers?

Probably around a dozen, but only Frostheim is at max level at the moment.


Do you have any other projects in store for the Hunter community?

Oh yes.


Adrenaline junky..


Thanks to Frostheim for spending some time answering my cheeky questions – and if any readers of the Warcraft Hunters Union are checking this out; what is your favourite article written by Frost?

Make sure to check out the Warcraft Hunters Union for all things huntering!