Just one of those days.

Sometimes things do not go our way in raids, and unfortunatly there is the rare occasion where it all goes to hell. Whether it is a bad raid night as a whole (people making the same mistakes over and over) or you don’t perform as well as usual on a personal level.
I had one hell of a night.

Heroic Morchok;

I was feeling good – this guy is cake, we got him first night that heroics were available “what could possibly go wrong?!”. I actually believe I played very well on this kill; I was rockin SV spec and using CD’s at good times, taking full advantage of lust, having minimal downtime while crystal soaking/moving in the gooey-black phase… yet something seemed wrong..

I glanced at my meters, thinking ‘oh yeah, this has gone well’.. I was sitting on around 30k..

The boss was about to drop and I was trying to think of everything that could have possibly gone wrong – and it hit me… PvP gear. 5% hit, tonne of resil instead of better secondary stats, useless pvp trinket… Massive agility loss which lead to the following dps and the first..


Dps for H Morchok

We moved onto Yorsahj and Zonozz. We have been destroying these guys, and usually have to be very unlucky for a wipe. We had a couple of attempts at solo healing Yorsahj which made the dps spike like crazy – it was looking goooooood! “Here we go!” I thought, “back into it! no more silly mistakes”… I opened my bags to check out what sweet gems I had recieved for our troubles…

“Hey.. that looks like Vial of Shadows in my bags… But I should have that equipped with my pve se- oh. you SOB.”

I had my PvE set saved with the valor trinket, which I only have macrod with my Rapid Fire CD and only keybound for when we are working on H spine, so I probably used the trinket once, maybe twice during the fight – a lot less than the 4-5 times I should have..


The next fail time was our kill attempt of Warmaster Blackhorn.. everything was going fine until we entered phase two.. where my bow broke.
Now this is the ultimate fail… I managed to get a Jeeves dropped and recovered, yet that is still such a rookie error.


I am sure everyone has had one of those nights – where everything just seems to go wrong. So tell me; what is the worst thing you have done in a raid? Let us make this interesting – pulling with your pet is a time honored tradition to break new hunters into our prestigious circle, so if you have any horror stories, feel free to share :D

I will still put up my ‘what makes a good raider’ post soon, yet I know a few “rookie errors” that I will be adding to it.

Hunter Tier 14 bonuses

Today in the latest Beta patch, the 2 piece and 4 piece bonus was announced;

(this is the data-mined set from MMO, may not resemble t14)

Hunter (Forums)

  • Item – Hunter T14 2P Bonus – New: Your Kill Command deals $1% additional damage, your Chimera Shot deals 15% additional damage, and your Explosive Shot deals 5% additional damage.
  • Item – Hunter T14 4P Bonus – New: Increases the duration of your Bestial Wrath ability by 6 sec, increases the chance for Black Arrow to trigger Lock and Load by 20%, and increases the ranged attack speed granted by Steady Focus by an additional 10%.

Now, the 2 piece is fantastic – it is a solid dps increase to the focus shot of each spec, and it is great to see it catered to each spec individually.

The 4 piece looks to be the most promising for BM (until we can test the implications for lock and load), I can see the bonus for MM possibly being changed, yet it is also a nice little bump.
Being able to have BW for an extra 6 seconds is fantastic, that is a lot of damage coming through on the new CD of 1 min.
We can look forward to hearing more information on the bonuses as more details are released (along with the % increase to KC on the 2pc)

A day in the Beta.. and farewell my old friend…

Twas a dark and stormy night… The beta had finished downloading – I put my knitting aside, finished my tea and decided ‘tonight would be the night’.

As dramatic as I would like to start this post out (and let us face it, you were hooked the minute I said knitting – “WHAT ARE YOU MAKING QUEL?!” [you screamed at your screen] “IT’S A HAT, ISN’T IT?!” – I am sorry to deceive you fellow hunters, twas not a hat.

The beta began with the obligatory UI setup – I had to at least make sure the necessities were keybound… /dance, /silly, /mana (Oom message from hunters, still hilarious). Once all the kinks were sorted (yet aspect switching macro decided it wouldn’t play nice) I began my journey in Pandaria.

One thing I have noticed in the Beta is patience (with most players). It was the most amazing thing (yet obviously logical) I have seen in the game in a long time – people queuing in an orderly line to complete a quest – The quest would bug out if more than one person did it at a time.


So far the quests are interesting, the surroundings look good; new but not unfamiliar. It does feel like an Outland 2.0 to me so far (definitely not a bad thing), and it is refreshing to not fly between every single quest item/mob/npc.

and waiting.. oh god..

The premade Hunters are quite quaint, beginning in the starting area of the Jade forest, complete with a Firelands-esque set of armour, JC and Enchanting mats as well as a PvP set – everything one would need to quest through this new area (although, I failed to see any┬áresemblance of ‘mist’ anywhere..).
I can honestly say I played around for about an hour, casually finishing the tedious quests and suffering through a server crash when it started to occur to me that I really missed concussive shot.
Anyone that has done extensive kiting (whether in PvE or PvP) can understand how much Concussive Shot is a staple of our arsenal. As an MM fan boy, I did have Concussive Barrage, yet it wasn’t really the same. Kiting seemed a tad more difficult.. How to keep these darstardly fiends at bay without my trusty shot?
Looking through the glyph slots is great, there are not many obvious choices; more utility options – which personally I feel is the way to go with being able to have a customizable and unique character amongst the millions around you (in the community.. not on your server… I am not that silly… today). There was one ‘gem’ that seems to be the substitute for my dear friend Concussive: Glyph of Arcane Shot.

I do not feel that this is a good substitute – Concussive (with no focus cost) and nearly 100% uptime, vs arcane shot (costs focus).. add concussive barrage to the mix and you might have something sexy going on, yet I feel that things won’t be as smooth as they once were, and I shall mourn my good friend Concussive Shot.
As I contemplated this while taking on multiple mobs with a more-than-usual squishy pet, a mob started punching me in the face.. I was able to shoot him in the face…

Could the removal of the free slow shot be a negative result of losing our minimum range mechanic? If so there could be a negative repercussions.

We have lost a fair bit of control through the majority of the class – only Survival gets entrapment and wing clip is gone entirely. Now that our shots will be able to be dodged, this doesn’t bode well for PvP (arcane shot miss, no slow, face eaten… you see the pattern). At this stage it is not fair to yell and carry on about things being broken – yet I hope they tweak some things (they most certainly will) before the beta comes to a close.

After all, if they don’t there will be less images like this:

How.. how did we lose?!

And more like this:

hey dead bodies... nice one npc.. wait..

That's not an npc!

Happy Hunting – I shall have to come back with more hunter-musings from pandaland.

<3 Quelys

Sad days for Conclave

I love that so many things are being added for a fun feel in MoP; PvP, PvE, Cosmetic, Profession… there will be so much to actually do in this expansion!

One thing that has made this ‘end-of-expac’ slump worse was the departure of many players – either for good (so they say) or for a short period, most likely until MoP launch.

I have lost my fellow hunters within Conclave; one lost interest around the start of Dragon Soul, the other has been more helping a dwindling team. A new recruit has retired for now due to RL – although another new recruit has recently joined us – taking the total of hunters in conclave to two.

One of our 10 man teams also disbanded due to the slump in recruitment, attendance, and availability – Some of the members have been absorbed into our remaining two teams (both who are currently working on H Spine), and unfortunately some of the others have been told there is no place for them at a raiding level.

At the start of Dragon Soul we were 4 teams strong – our 25m run that we planned to occur once a month for the guild is effectively dead. This brings me back to reflect on 10s vs 25s. Why has there not been a stronger emphasis on encouraging people to run 25 man raids? – If they were slightly harder and dropped slightly better gear, would that be such a problem? LFR is as easy as you get – you see the content and get lower powered gear – why not take the same principle into 10s vs 25s again? I know it is not a simple issue, yet some realms (for example, my own) really lack in having a large pool of quality (and more importantly interested/dedicated) players to recruit from. You can now move guilds, yet that would cost all those involved; our guild is a large scale raiding guild (smaller now), with a large emphasis on in-guild community. The social impact on moving so many (even the main core of raiders) would be a large task.

I apologize for the wall of text, just some thoughts I had.

Onto better news, this gem was data mined on MMO-Champion;

Hunter – Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Aspects – New: Each time you activate a new Aspect, an animal companion representing that Aspect will follow you for 15 sec.

Sounds like a cool little change, something else fun and silly.. yet if they attacked.. not a lot of damage, just enough to annoy someone.. THAT would be rad.


As always, keep an eye on the news by following MMO-Champion and more importantly, keep up to date with all hunter related news via the WoW Hunters Hall.

Any people wishing to apply to <Conclave> should visit our site here.

<3 Quelys (also belated happy Easter)