Hunters! we must focus… on keeping the set bonus?


The t13 2 piece… What a lovely thing it is.. But with the alpha of MoP looming in the proverbial distance, what is a hunter to do?

Let’s face it – the bonus didn’t make a massive difference to PvE (it increased damage due to more special shots being fired, yet it wasn’t ground-breaking), it was a bit of a quality of life fix, except for Marks.. it made Marks annoying, mainly due to the combination of the increased focus and improved steady shot mechanics. The real positive of a bonus like this can be seen in PvP – where focus becomes an issue with pillar-humping healers *grimaces in reflection of annoying healers*.

Looking forward to MoP some hunters are calling for the bonus to become baseline, which really would not be a terrible thing. Even if they simply increase the focus gained from the baseline cobra/steady shot we would see an improvement – in PvE (however small) and PvP.

Reflecting back on other tier pieces, I can remember the t9 2pc (serpent sting can crit) being brought into our baseline abilities. Now, if only we can convince the devs to add the 2pc t5 (damage heals our pets – extreme solo ftw) and the 2pc t13, we should be set :P

The reality of keeping a bonus like this is not completely unrealistic – It is not really an overpowered bonus.

I call to any hunters out there; dare we speak up for something like this? or possibly something similar to remain within our arsenal? Only time will tell.

<3 Quelys


So.. what is up?

I have been planning a revamp of the site, hopefully creating a more fluid page that looks pretty-like to the eye parts of your face! In the next couple of weeks you should see things change, as well as (hopefully) better organization for my Hunter segments.

Quick update for me WoW-wise:

My raid team is currently 4/8 heroic, with Your-massage, More-crack, Zon-funny-pun-name-ozz and Ultraxion on farm. This week we will hopefully take out Hagara (awesome fight by the way, probably my favourite of Dragon Soul).

I have also started a Human Hunter, aptly named Jellyquelly. This hunter resides in my old guild so that I may keep in contact with some buddies while also creating a twink of death. The plans for Jellyquelly involve reaching each bracket and pwning face. First goal is level 19 – at the moment I have no heirlooms, if they turn out to indeed be BiS for the twink level then I shall get them quick smart. I don’t know how long I plan to stay at each bracket, yet I plan to document my journey; commenting on gear, fears, hopes, dreams, qq issues etc.

This year is already turning out to be flat out, so much going on. This blog will hopefully be a way to relax along with WoW and spew out some anecdotal stories about smashing rogues and feral kitty’s.


Is Survival the only way to go?

We hunters are finally at a great spot in terms of spec balance; Survival is currently king, yet fortunatly that doesnt write off the Beast Mastery and Marksman fan boys just yet.

Too often do I see a reason for low dps being attributed to spec with hunters – this is not the case. I have cleared Dragon Soul (normal) as all 3 specs, and they are all viable.

Now that I have had fun with the meme generator, lets delve into why BM or MM can be good choices in the current tier of raiding; Dragon Soul. I would like to point out that this is just looking at a few particular fights where the strengths are obvious – they are all viable.

Beast Mastery

Honestly, regardless of many many posts outlining the strengths of this spec, it is still seen as a dark horse. The nerfs it recieved post BC was enough to destroy it throughout mid to late wrath, causing all who saw it within a PvE setting to say ‘lol-n00b’. It really wasn’t competetive again until Cataclysm, and with the buffs we have seen recently it has definatly become a decent spec to run in raids.

Particular fights where it shines include;

Morchok – On heroic BM is fantastic, your pet nearly has 100% uptime, and ease of using BW helps in this fight while soaking crystal explosions (moving while spamming arcane shot/Kill Command). Normal is good for the same reasons.

Zon’ozz – Normal Zon’ozz that is. Since the normal is practically a tank n spank, BM is a great choice.

Hagara – One of the perfect fights for BM, there is only minimal target switching, and the majority of those is during the ice-transition phase (where Hagara is immune anyway). Where BM shines on this fight is the use of BW after every transition, creating powerful burst that should see you to the top of the charts (during those periods where she takes increased damage). An important point to note is the buggy nature during lightning phase on heroic mode where your pet can chain/interupt a chain. Sometimes it is better to dismiss your pet, but proper micro should be enough to get around this (you don’t dps in this phase except to kill the add right at the start – the add should drop quickly enough that it won’t make the biggest change to dps).

Ultraxion – Heroic mode for dps is the same as normal, with the added challenge of soaking an hour of twilight every two minutes (thanks to detterence), this tank n spank styled fight is fine for any of the three hunter specs. BM has the added bonus on this fight of being able to Kill Command while detterence is up (other specs can also do this, but KC is BM’s signature shot, making sure it stays on CD). You won’t get the damage output that Survival does, but it is definatly not horrid.

Spine – Every tendon phase has BW off CD. Since the fight is more about control than flat out dps, the only time you need to pew pew is on the tendon itself. Having these high-dps CDs available makes things a LOT easier.



The ol’ golden boy. Honest to the WoW Gods I love this spec, but I find it too annoying with my play style – I liked hard casting the aimed shots. The 2 piece t13 has me shying away from my favourite spec, although if I get back into PvP then it is still my spec of choice :)

Zon’ozz – Heroic mode that is; although MM is fine for normal (all 3 are great for norm zon, tank and spank fights don’t overly favour any). The adds that spawn during the ‘dark’ phase in heroic mode make use of careful aim, and MM allows for at least 4 rapid fires (towards the end of the fight it becomes more and more important to pwn face). Silencing shot can also be used on the eyes to interupt that painful cast.

Warmaster Blackhorn – Multiple single-target burns allow MM to hit them hard and often, might take a bit of common sense to keep ISS running but tab targetting and minimizing movement where possible – but taking out the drakes and the P2 dragon are all good examples of where MM and the short CD on readiness can shine.

Madness – The whole of phase one is rinse and repeat, the general stand-still nature of the fights ensures that MM hunters can stand still and get off plenty of hard cast Aimed Shots – taking advantage of the buffs provided by the dragons as well as Careful Aim. A very nice fight for MM in this bloggers opinion.

Once again, these are just some examples of fights where BM/MM can be a viable option – you can play any of the specs, just make sure you are playing it right.


In the spirit of competition

Our Conclave forums are a vast and wonderful world of jokes, information, rage and love – yet the greatest place to go is the hunter forum (of course!).

Within this outdated page is a post… a post that details the highest DPS within Dragon Soul by hunters, with all bosses listed. Now this information is all available via via the epeen bot (take a look if you havnt already), yet on the conclave forums it is organised into a table outlining the current hunter-leaders on each fight.

Now; although it has resulted in an epeen boost for whoever leads on a fight, this was not the original intention. I made a post on the forums for Conclave, and since I didn’t put anything ultra-personal in it relating to the guild, here it is in all its glory:

Many of you would have seen the conclave DS hunter dps thread, which is basically a spreadsheet between myself, moth and taks. I feel it has actually increased Hunter-relations, with us discussing dps strats and tricks more within our hunter channel :)

I would like to gauge peoples interest in a Conclave wide spreadsheet (that I could construct), similar to the hunter one – there are negatives and positives to this, and I would like the input from officers (as well as guildies) on the idea.

Really the positives are simple;
– a bit of epeen: people could ‘show off’ I guess, which can be a negative aspect, but it would be almost like ‘achievements’
– something to aspire to: people could set goals (where applicable) “I would like to increase my dps and try and be x amount better”
– create more class community within conclave: similar to the hunters, the three teams we have could communicate more and more.

The negatives almost feed off the positives;
– epeen can be a bad thing: no one likes arrogant wankers.. and this may indeed feed some negative behaviour.. depends on the individuals, yet I believe we are all pretty rad people
– people who may not get a ‘rank’ or a score (probably have top 3 for conclave wide spreadsheet) may be upset. The last thing I wanted when making the hunter comp was to have a negative impact – it has been received well by the other 2 hunters involved (and honestly, I run the thing and have the least scores up)
– You don’t want people ignoring mechanics while getting caught up in the competitive nature of the sheet.

Now as I write this, I am thinking of another possibility (that would obviously be completely up to the classes) would be for other classes to do something similar – the locks could have their own, the warriors, mages etc etc..
OR to do a conclave wide, but by class.

Overall I really enjoyed creating the hunter one, it also allowed me to get to know my fellow hunters better :)
after looking at everything, it probably isnt a good idea.. I guess this can just be a look at how the hunter one was a success, and all of you should play the amazing class that is ‘hunter’.

 Ironically it became a post without a purpose, but I feel that the competition it has provided DID bring my little hunter group closer together – which is always a good thing. We now have 4 Hunters involved, and I will have to start removing the normal scores as we push further into heroics (we have one team at 5/8, one at 4/8 and one at 2/8 heroic).

Anything to improve the hunter community can only be good :)