You gotta look good, yo!

So another week down and another Heroic boss down for my team!

We fell a bit behind the curve this month, I had to sit out of our last 10 man run due to RL commitments, and that was followed up in our guild 25 man, which effectivly put a halt to progression for the 3 teams involved. I must say, I enjoy the 25 man to a point; it is good having a large amount of people, and it is good to compete against a few different classes (also nice to see that BM does quite nicely in 25’s). However.. so soon into a new tier, I personally didn’t think it was a great choice doing the 25 man. That is just my stance on it, and you have to remember that we have four  teams at conclave, and that 25 man isnt a regular thing for us (until they make it more appealing I would say).

So the last two weeks I did manage to squeeze in some LFR, re-do my UI a fair bit.. changing addons, cleaning house by removing addons I wasn’t using, changing some keybinds (always hilarious to get used to some new ones). While /afk-lol-dps-pewpewing through LFR, I did manage to secure the last two pieces for my 4-set (now entirely composed of LFR pieces). I played surv all tonight, so did not get to test the proc with BM or MM, yet if the 2 piece is anything to go off (with the boost in focus gains), then a haste proc isnt that fantastic for MM at the moment – it just becomes unforgiving to maintain a clean play with the uptime of ISS and the 2 piece return.

Quelys – 4 pc t13 (LFR)

There were a couple of gems floating around that I thought I might bring attention to (and deservedly so!). Frostheim over at recently held his poster competition, for the top 3 make sure to check out (my favourite was def the Death Star hunter weapon. That is epic win).

Also, thanks to the WoW community page on the official site, I found this cool little link want to get some awesome transmog sets going but dont know where to start? Then that site is it. It also has info for other classes, but who REALLY cares.. 😛

Back on my personal projects front; The lore page is still under development, as is the remainder of my guides/sections.. I took a slight break to have a great Christmas, and with New Years looming I really want to get at least ONE item out before the end of the year. So hopefully something should be appearing very soon 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and recieved lots of hunter weapons on the day (ie; anything)

Seasons greetings!!

Merry Christmas from me to you! Currently wishing you this via my iPhone, keen to get home and upload a holiday picture. Finally the craziness that is Christmas is over, spent it as you should; with a few beers, good food and family. I hope everyone had a great time in real life, and don’t forget to get online and get your wow gift before January 2nd!


Just a quick update for what I am planning with the site.
I will be adding 3 new sections in the coming weeks (when I have time during the hustle and bustle of Christmas..); these being a basic guide section, a lore section and a forum stalker section.

In the basic guide section I will just cover the general hunter tips and tricks, as well as current builds, pet choices, and maybe mix in a bit of theory crafting.

The lore section is something I am looking forward to doing (my inner nerd is happy). I have always enjoyed the Warcraft lore, and thanks to sites like wowwiki and the community that we are lucky to have in this game, this lore gets expanded upon, theorized and discussed often. I plan to cover some aspects in WoW that I find interesting (people might call BS, but I actually predicted Deathwing coming as a protagonist mid wrath.. too bad I didn’t have this blog then!!). So the lore covered might be investigating possible story direction, or just interesting things around Azeroth (and Outland). I already have my first piece planned out, and this will most likely be the newest addition to the site.

The forum stalker will be a place for venting. Plain and simple, although I do not contribute to hunter forum discussion (on the WoW site), I frequent it often. This will be a place where I take 1 or 2 forum topics every week or so, and discuss what is being… discussed.. and maybe break it down a bit further; or just give my thoughts on it. The forums themselves are for this, I get that, but I hope that this section may highlight some important (or foolish) topics flying through the hunter forums, not just the ‘rate the hunter above’, ‘mm vs surv vs bm’ or ‘which pet is the sexiest?!’ threads.

I look forward to spewing out enough content to give the weekly browser something to waste time staring at :)

– Quel

ps. need to do the about me section as well, I am pretty sexy…

First Heroic week

So the second week of dragon soul is over, this week being the first in which guilds could tackle the fights on Heroic mode. Due to the controversy of the LFR scandal, we don’t exactly see the same teams that are usually filling the top spots (there are still the usual suspects there abouts, just shuffled in order). The 8 day ban these players recieved will be over, and it will be interesting to see the push into Heroic spine/madness.

Guild standings as of week 2

My own experience in Dragon Soul this second week has been an interesting and fun one. With the kill of Heroic Morchok under our belts, the team pushed onwards focusing our sights upon Yor’sahj. Now You’sahj on heroic mode is not exactly the pushover that Morchok was, and the focus on our Sunday run became about practically learning which combinations we could best deal with. We made significant progress, and I feel that next week I will be posting a screenshot with the kill :)

Towards the end of our Sunday raid (the second of the week for us), we decided to stop on the ooze-lord and clear out the rest of DS on normal. This would allow us to make sure we were gearing out our raid team in preperation for next weeks heroic attempts. We finished up with Madness tonight, clearing it and bagging some rankings through the dungeon.

Not a terrible second week, as this was the first in which we ran logs, I look forward to seeing how I improve in the coming weeks (oh, and get my flippin 2pc!!) lol.

– Quelys

Oh btw…

My raid team (BTK) entered into the heroics race on Wednesday, edging out the others in Conclave to get the realm third Heroic Morchok (missed first by 24 minutes and second by 4 minutes… sad face). After I get around to finally finishing off my strat guides for normal I will be sure to post our kill strat for this heroic boss :)

Just a quick note; we used 2 tanks, 2 heals and 6 dps (2 melee, 4 range).


*Edit* – added a sexy picture :)

This isn’t madness… THIS. IS. DEATHWING! (plus tentacles)

Tomorrow night BTK (my raid team) will be taking on Deathwing in his last stand; Madness of deathwing (normal mode). We had ~ 3 attempts at this boss before we called the raid on Thursday, and we are all very keen to head back in. I have been toying with the idea to take a Survival offspec to help quickly finish off the adds that spawn during the platform phases, so I will make sure I post how this goes. I plan to have all my strategy guides for 10 man normal done by next raid week in preparation for heroic modes.
Hope everyone else is having a fun time progressing in this newest patch :)

– Quelys

Dragon lol

So with the launch of 4.3 I was up early and hitting up the new dungeons… Visually they are incredible, and I think there are some cool mechanics for the fights; however, ther are so. damn. easy.

I didn’t run with guildies, so it wasnt just a face roll group, I was pulling significant dps, as you would expect with a 378/391 marks hunter.. but it was just underwhelming.. Considering these dungeons drop loot equivalent to firelands this is pretty much free loot patch.

I next hit up the LFR – I think this is a fantastic tool, a great idea for the solo/inexperienced/casual/alt lover player. Once again this was very very easy, yet as it is only the first 4 bosses, one can only hope the next four will be a little bit more challenging. I will attribute the success of this run to my raid teams main tank; Zankel. Having an experienced tank that gives instructions and takes on that ‘leader’ role was fantastic.

My raid team is now 7/8, some good fights on normal mode – I look very forward to trying out Madness of Deathwing later this week. Heroics should be VERY interesting.

For more details on the Dragon Soul raid, check out my Dragon Soul tab :)

Happy huntering!

– Quelys <3