In under 24 hours..

My team will be hitting up the new dragon soul raid! I must say I am really looking forward to this, I have usually been involved in very relaxed and casual teams that generally raid twice a week. I have changed to my current team with the fine folks at Conclave (BTK team!), and with this group of hilarious and talented players I will be hitting a brand new raid, first week of release with four raiding nights scheduled (before we resume the 3 night roster).

Here is the official trailer for 4.3 – Hour of Twilight

But what have I done to prepare? Well there are currently many fine sights to check out, including and the fine folks at fatboss doing their Europe flavour video guides. I also plan to check out the LFR tool, this will allow a good look into the fights, and even though it is tuned to a much easier level and some mechanics may not be present, it will be great to see the boss, think of positioning and just get used to the raid.

Pots are prepared, feasts are cooked, spec is set… I will most likely roll with a BM OS to take advantage of some single target fights, but I will most likely roll MM (MM fanboy alert).

Good luck everyone, Ill be updating my Dragon Soul tab to include some strats hopefully by the second week :)

– Quelys

4.3 Incoming!!!

This week 4.3 drops!

With the patch comes the Dragon Soul raid, the instance where we shall finally defeat Deathwing to pay him back for all those times he interupted alt questing!

Here at Quel’s Hunting Corner, I aim to give updates of what I am personally up to in WoW, information about upcoming content, raid strats and more!

I have a strong hunter backing to this site, but I will most likely touch on other WoW related things :)

In the next few days I will have a bit of info about myself, some info on the first few (or maybe all) Dragon Soul bosses, and just generally what I have been up to with the lead up to 4.3.


– Quelys