Guess who is back?


Heaps of people!


… and me.


After talking to a lot of people recently, as well as watching some YouTube videos on WoD, I have made the call to return (for however short that may be). I won’t get into why I left, that is left for another type of blog. Since my last post I did end up playing very casually in 2014 on and off up until about June. So it has been around about a year for me now.

So Quelys (my main hunter) was left on Barthilas unguilded and on alliance. That is right. ALLIANCE.

Now I have been a Horde fan boy from the start, but I did have a slight adventure over to the ally side More >



As of today I have cancelled my WoW subscription and will no longer be blogging. I may come back to it one day, but at this point in my life I don’t see it being likely.

If you ever enjoyed anything I wrote, cheers.

Happy huntings




This is the Etc. he was talking about!


 Mushan is an awesome hunter blogger – make sure to check out his amazing site (that always has something fun or interesting to read!).



Mushan! Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me!

Thank you, Quelys! I was so surprised and excited when you asked to interview me. It’s truly an honor!

So real-life Mushan; lover or fighter? What are you like?

Lover. In the flesh, I’m a regular guy working a regular job. I’m an introvert, but I like to talk, if that makes any sense (erm, read my blog!). I’m very much a pacifist. I place a high value on relationships. I play some guitar; I like More >

Quel in the action of putting his opinions on the interwebz

An elitist analysis of elitist jerks by an elitist jerk, you jerk*


Back in the day I was a frequent visitor to Elitist Jerks and their quite helpful forums. As a budding young hunter, I was always eager to check out the gory insides of theory-crafting, and the hunters there are some of the most qualified for these particular number crunch obsessions.

I swung by EJ today to have a look, and was quite surprised that one of the first things I read (in the BM guide) I did not agree with.

After all – opinions are like rear orifices; everyone has one. And just because mine differs from the authors, does not mean I am ‘right’.

Quel in the action of putting his More >

13/13 Heroic ToT clear!


Fantastic raid last night.

Sunday saw my raid team Nocturnus Vexillari get oh so close to heroic Lei Shen, but no dice. It was a painful night where the last pull of the night saw us end on a 3% wipe!

Leading into Monday, I was quietly confident, and very excited to knock this guy over. We (as a raid team) have suffered a great deal this expansion, and this tier was no exception. This tier alone saw us lose 3 core members two weeks into ToT (they jumped ship to form a ‘better’ guild, one which swiftly imploded as we steamrolled past them in the early heroic push), have a healer jump ship to More >

Goodbye, Mr Frostheim


So news has now spread around that Frost is officially hanging up his writing… pen?.. typists fingers? and will no longer be blogging, not just on scattered shots over at wow insider, but also at the beloved Warcraft Hunters Union.

Frostheim seems like he did indeed develop a large fanbase, and with that came plenty of haters – I personally was a fan of Frost’s humor and the amount of effort he put into the development of the hunter community. I am not against saying he was a large contributing factor to why I began blogging (and also why I became so attached to my hunter!)

I was lucky enough More >

I miss the internets…


Luckily I am back at work after a fantastic two weeks off (yay for being a teacher), as I currently have no access to the internet apart from my smart phone (at home)…. AND IT IS TERRIBLE, I TELLS YA!

The dire situation arose like this;

I recently moved to a new place with a good mate, this move took place the Friday leading to my school holidays. Pretty much in my mind things were supposed to go a certain way…

– Move to new house, remember to bring food – Set up couch and TV, buy beer fridge – First thing Monday, ring up a ISP and sort out some sweet internets for all my gaming and online More >

Random complaints


With changes comes opinions about changes… this is probably the most obvious comment I have ever written…

Now every now and again I scroll through the WoW forums (particularly the hunter forums) and see what the community is up to – or more accurately, what the community is currently complaining about. What I have found to be an inevitable constant with the posts is that people seem to never be happy, and I guess that is the nature of such a dynamic game, and with the two big aspects of PvE and PvP being at the forefront of discussion, balance and output seem to be a big issue.

One of the More >

Just.. No.


So while my surface analysis of the upcoming PTR changes continue, we have been hit with (an unavoidable, to a point) a pretty significant nerf.

Well. Shit.

Let me start by saying it is good that they are looking at readiness. It was provoking so much QQ amongst the PvP player base since it became baseline. It is indeed powerful, and with the burst of BM, doubling up has been kind of silly (although More >

Patch 5.4 PTR notes


Sweet datamining goodness!

Sorry I have been away for so long folks, between raiding and RL I have had minimal time to write, not to mention I haven’t been overly inspired to write.

I think I just need to start doing several small posts, I set out for this blog to be a self reflection of my time and experience in world of Warcraft, yet I feel I got carried away with providing useful information, such as guides etc.

HOWEVER! The next major patch is currently in development, with some official PTR notes as well as some datamined goodness! Today we will be looking at the official PTR

More >
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