Thoughts so far… a post-return update

So I am really behind in WoD… Like… REALLY behind.

Starting late in an expansion is not a massive deal, however once you factor in garrisons and the legendary quest you can understand the predicament. I was only able to start farming savage bloods just before patch 6.2 came out for example.

All of that aside, I thought I would bring my impression of raiding to this blog – As mentioned previously I have transitioned back to my original home of Dath’remar. Unfortunately I am running as an alliance at the moment, and it hurts my soul a bit (Alliance are too clean cut for my liking).

Now the team I am running with had killed a few heroic bosses in BRF, so I was carried through several normal while gearing up. I have to thank my extensive raiding hours from Cataclysm/Mists of Pandaria for allowing me to not be liability. I was able to hold my own regardless of my blue gear (featuring green items). I am finally geared up enough (luckily reaching 6th in the guild thanks to some very lucky rolls in HFC) to contribute to the level that I am accustomed to. The biggest advantage was gaining a new weapon (thankyou Tannan crystal exchange!) – but I digress.

The team is what I would consider a casual raid team. Now this is not what you may think, as I believe a lot of negative connotation surrounds the labelling of guilds. I consider it casual not because they are ‘bad’ or that they don’t make enough progression, I would attribute it to the allowance and acceptance of members. I remember my first raid with the team in normal BRF, and there was another hunter who had the worst attitude I had heard over vent in a long time. There is no point boring you with details, but suffice to say attitude issues like this are not accepted in more ‘hardcore’ guilds. The acceptance of varying geared toons is also a point of interest, as well as performance oversights. I don’t think this is a bad thing – I was carried through their raids until I acquired the gear needed to sufficiently assist – yet having people not min-maxing is an interesting thing (and to an extent, my religious obsession with min-maxing has declined significantly). There have been issues in some kill attempts of bosses, yet players don’t get targeted as specifically about rolls, nor would they be subbed due to performance, and that is nice. I like the variety of people in the team, and the range of skill is diverse. There are raiders who have raided as intensely as I myself have, if not more. There are also those who just love the content and are content (see what I did there?) to maintain their current ability.

Week 1 normal progress with Twizted
Week 1 normal progress with Twizted


Suffice to say, I am having fun but I would be dishonest to say I have not been frustrated before.

Now all of this is fine – we work through normal modes.

Normal modes are a joke to me. They took original normal modes and lowered most expectations, effectively making a new level that exists between LFR and the old version of normal… Flexi?
The heroic modes are the level in which I think the old ‘normal’ version belongs. It is nice they don’t share lockouts though!

I still have that sense of accomplishment when we down a boss, regardless if it is behind what I am used to. It was about a year since I have raided at any reasonable level so I am glad to see I still get that feeling from raiding. Twizted feels like a group of misfits to me – I like that. Will I ever return to my old ‘hardcore raider’ status? I don’t know.

I like to think that I am still a decent player of this game, for some reason that is important to me. Maybe it is the time investment, maybe it was the old elitist mentality… I am not sure. I am unable to measure that level of success in this guild, so I will just have to be the best player I can be.


Guess who is back?

Heaps of people!


… and me.


After talking to a lot of people recently, as well as watching some YouTube videos on WoD, I have made the call to return (for however short that may be). I won’t get into why I left, that is left for another type of blog. Since my last post I did end up playing very casually in 2014 on and off up until about June. So it has been around about a year for me now.

So Quelys (my main hunter) was left on Barthilas unguilded and on alliance. That is right. ALLIANCE.

Now I have been a Horde fan boy from the start, but I did have a slight adventure over to the ally side in early Cataclysm with an old casual raiding guild I used to run with. The idea (before I quit) was that I would move Quelys back to Dath’remar (my original server) as an alliance toon to help my first raiding GM and old friend in her guild. Considering at the time my experience we both saw this as a mutual benefit. There were also a few other raiding guilds that were much more casual than my original set-up that were interested in my “services”. None of this ever happened, my sub ran out, and I left the game.

So on my return, I am trying to decide what to do with Quelys. I initially go to faction change back to Horde (a handful of my old guild are still around) but accidentally (like a silly bugger) purchase a race change..
I put in a ticket for a refund and play my other level 90 Hunter (Quel) while I wait. Eventually I get contacted and switch to my main as they kindly changed my race back. This is where I was surprised and very impressed by Blizzard.

A GM asks if I still want a faction change, I tell them that I am not 100% sure, as I have not decided if I will stay Barthilas Horde, or transfer to Dath’remar as Alliance. The GM then says that they will complete either option I choose… For FREE.

Now I understand it is just a smart business model, keep you in the game and subbed so that you keep paying; however, it is the small things like this that really make me appreciate the work they do.




Here is to levelling to 100 *cheers*


As of today I have cancelled my WoW subscription and will no longer be blogging. I may come back to it one day, but at this point in my life I don’t see it being likely.

If you ever enjoyed anything I wrote, cheers.

Happy huntings



This is the Etc. he was talking about!

 Mushan is an awesome hunter blogger – make sure to check out his amazing site (that always has something fun or interesting to read!).




Mushan! Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me!

Thank you, Quelys! I was so surprised and excited when you asked to interview me. It’s truly an honor!

So real-life Mushan; lover or fighter? What are you like?

Lover. In the flesh, I’m a regular guy working a regular job. I’m an introvert, but I like to talk, if that makes any sense (erm, read my blog!). I’m very much a pacifist. I place a high value on relationships. I play some guitar; I like to get outside as often as possible. I love to read – often to the detriment of a good night’s sleep!

I really enjoy your blog, there is constantly new posts to entertain your visitors – can you tell me a little more about it?

Mushan, Etc. is my second WoW-related blog; my first was started back in 2009. It was the smallest of blogs, but it was a growing experience for me. I canned it back in 2011 and started a general, non-gaming blog, which I posted to for a year or so.

I struggled with that blog, though. After a while, I found that I wanted to write about WoW, but I had made a commitment to myself that I would not do so on that particular blog. I was still playing the game all the time, and I was still reading WoW blogs and articles and all about hunters. So while that blog was going weeks between posts, I was fantasizing about starting a new blog.

Eventually, I started a brand new WordPress account. I wrote up some ideas for posts, picked a design… I took my time putting it together, and debuted it in April 2012. And my writing has largely been along the lines of what I’ve wanted it to be: stories of my adventures, fun bits, screenshots, commentary. The only thing I haven’t really approached is this idea of telling the story of an adventure, like a leveling adventure, in chapters or something. But at this point, I’m fine with that. I’m very happy with how the blog has turned out.

Mushan, Etc. sits sort of in the middle of the hunter-sphere. It’s not a theorycrafting/guides blog, it’s not a pets blog, it’s not a huntering-only blog. It has some topical variety to it, which gives me freedom to write about whatever I wish, within the loose definition of a WoW blog.

I have noticed in recent times you have been playing your alts (probably a liiiiiittle too much) that are not hunters – EXPLAIN YOURSELF! 

Haha! Yes, you’ve found me out. I… (*adopts Koltrane voice*) I have a lot of alts. 

That said, I don’t think I have anywhere near as many as some others… I don’t have any significant toons on other servers, for example, so as far as that goes, 99.9% of my play time is spent with the toons I have on Dalaran. 

I have seven level-90s. I’ve taken all four roles into, at minimum, LFR: melee-ing (quite badly!) and tanking on my warrior, healing on my druid, and at range with my hunter(s) and mage. I have a paladin – my oldest surviving toon, actually – that exists almost exclusively because I don’t feel like leveling Alchemy again. And most recently, I finished leveling my Blood DK, which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.

Out of all of those, I play hunters far better than any other class, and can play the mage fairly well, although he’s been sitting idle for months, due to time issues. I’m somewhat competent with my Prot warrior and Resto druid, and enjoy them both. Beyond that, the other toons I have are mainly to cleanse the palate and have fun with.

I guess that if I were “hunter cool,” I would have 11 (or more!) hunters. I have “only” three at the moment. But the variety adds to my enjoyment of the game, and when I jump back on my hunter after playing an alt or two, it always feels like home.

I do think I deserve some credit for having two level 90 hunters though!

From your recent posts, it seems that you have made a few great friends playing WoW, and unfortunately may have lost some of those friends. What do you think about those who try to place a negative outlook on online friendships?

It’s an interesting age we live in, isn’t it? Who would have thought, when we were kids (and by we, I mean people who’ve been adults for 10-12 years or more), that it would be very easy to form and cultivate long-term and meaningful relationships with people we’ve never physically met, or even talked with on the phone?

The two subjects that I wrote about within the past couple of months were people that I had never met in real life, and, in the case of one of them, I never even heard his voice. But I was deeply affected by these events. 

The death of the first man was shocking, sad, and needless. He was a man in his prime, with a loving family, serving his community. We had a lot of respect for one another, and while I didn’t know him well, I grieved for him nonetheless.

The second person is a personal friend. We had mutual admiration for each other. And the uncertainty over his current situation is disconcerting, to put it extremely mildly. Whatever happened, I’ll always have great memories of our friendship.

Were these real friendships? Do they matter? Absolutely. One of the things that I’ve written about is how awesome it is to feel a part of the WoW blogging community. The same is true in the cases of in-game relationships. I’ve only met one of my fellow raiders in real life (and live with another…), but I’ve been good friends with many of them for a long time. There is absolute validity in that, and the online nature of those relationships does not diminish the level of importance and genuineness that they have.

I don’t know why anyone would deride online relationships. It happens quite often, though, and I usually assume that it’s caused by immaturity, or, at least, uninformed assumptions and behavior. I think that there is still a stigma about online relationships: that they are the province of the person who spends his or her every waking hour online, to the exclusion of the outside world and community. In other words, people who are “losers living in their parents’ basements.” As much as that may or may not be true in any one individual’s case – because those people are still definitely out there – that stigma is still applied universally by too many people.

To try to actually answer your question… I think that the truth, as in other areas of life, is that balance and moderation are key, and I think the vast majority of people understand that. However, that stigma is something that may persist in the minds of some people forever. And that’s unfortunate.

A lot of our fellow hunter bloggers (and realistically, some of the major faces of the hunter class) seem to be retiring – what are your thoughts on this?

Well, it’s sad from a personal perspective any time someone retires from the community, because that person’s input and influence, or at least the consistency thereof, is gone, and in many cases it leaves a vacuum, both tangibly and intangibly. 

In my view, the biggest losses recently have been Tabana and Frostheim. Neither was surprising to me, but both are/have been a shock to the system. 

In the case of WoW Hunters Hall, which was the brainchild of Frost and was amazingly curated by Tabana, that site became the hub of the wheel, connecting the spokes in the hunter community. When Tabana went on indefinite hiatus, there was never resolution as far as a potential replacement, and it has fallen into dormancy, which is a shame. It was an amazing resource covering almost every aspect of the community. I definitely miss it – and I miss Tabana. She definitely left her mark on the hunter community through her work and personality.

Frostheim is another level, though. When you say “major faces of the hunter community,” his grizzled mug is close to the face, to me. He has so much exuberance for the class, along with charisma, which showed in both his writing and his podcasting, that he has inspired a lot of people, myself included. He leaves big shoes for the next Scattered Shots columnist, a void on the Hunting Party Podcast, and WHH is, of course, a big question mark. When he announced his retirement, it felt like part of the hunter class was retiring, because part of my enjoyment of the class has been enjoying his writing and podcast work for so many years. 

I’ve been through this before. During Wrath, I got into blogs in general by looking for information on feral/tank druids. I found Big Bear Butt that way, and Vallen (Feral Aggression), Karthis (Of Teeth And Claws), Kalon (Think Tank), Alaron (The Fluid Druid), and others. And soon they began to fall off – first, Karthis quit the game in Wrath, then Kalon, and then Vallen in Cataclysm; and Alaron has been in and out. And those are just the big ones, for the old feral spec(s). The attrition is incredible, when I look at it that way! But today, Alaron is still around, and so is BBB the druid-hunter-lock, and while Reesi no longer tanks with her druid, The Inconspicuous Bear is still a go-to site for Guardian druids thanks to Arielle. And there are many other resources, including long-time ones. So that community is still there: it’s just different.

And we’ll see the same thing. The hunter community has proven to be both huge and resilient. While not all of the players are the same – and while we’ll greatly miss Frost, Tabana, and others who go dormant or retire – the community rolls on. It’s been this way for a while – we haven’t really had Brigwyn or BRK, but we still have this amazing hunter community. This will definitely continue; we’ll get some new blood, some will retire or fall off, but this is how it goes with a long-lasting game like this.  

You have been raiding with two different guilds recently, what is that like?

It has been a learning experience. Recently, I’ve been raiding four-five nights per week. I’ve found that raiding five days, progressing normals with one team and working on heroics with the other, is a stress that I don’t necessarily enjoy having. 

have enjoyed the opportunity to progress, though. As of today, I’ve gotten to kill H Jin’rokh, H Horridon, and H Ji-Kun several times, and put some time in on H Tortos. We’ve cleared normal ToT in my main run, so it has been nice to see some more challenging, heroic content, and to perform well doing so. It’s reaffirming from a confidence-in-my-ability standpoint.

Any tips for people trying to assimilate into a new raid team?

My experience is mainly with joining with a team that has progressed further than my main team. With that in mind:

Be prepared, in every way. Have your gear 100% raid-ready, regardless of whether you’re at their level or they’re going to be “gearing” you for a couple of runs. Find out which progression fights they are planning to do, and research them. Know what’s coming.

The less explanation you require from the rest of the team, the better. Basically, you want to make it so that, at worst, they don’t mind having you on the team, and, (hopefully) better, they’ll be glad they brought you along. 

Being prepared, and playing well, can break down a lot of barriers!

Apart from raiding and blogging, do you actively participate in any other aspects of WoW?

Well, I do like achievements. That said, I’m not an achievement whore. I don’t go all out for them, unless they’re fun or challenging to achieve. For instance, I did most of the holiday achievements back in the day, but I won’t touch Noble Garden, Children’s Week, or Love is in the Air for any in-game price, unless I’m getting a gear upgrade out of it.

I’ve learned that if I’m not having fun, there’s no point. And I get less enjoyment out of the achievements that are easy – “Yay you went to Darkmoon Faire!” – than the ones that take some time or effort or some cool feat. So I do have a decent amount of achievements, but I don’t chase them like I could.

Anyway, I did just start doing some Brawler’s Guild, which is fun. I’ve PvPed occasionally, although PvP seems to have gone through so much upheaval this xpac that it feels shattered. So I’m not really into PvP right now.

Trying to answer this question, it looks like I don’t do much, for all of the time I spend playing! I suppose I’ll credit that to my declining interest in PvP – I used to do that a lot. I spend most of my time in-game prepping for upcoming raids, playing alts, keeping my farms in order, and hanging out with friends doing whatever.

I do enjoy soloing stuff, and I’ve written about that from time to time.

Do you have any attachment to any of the pet pixels you have tamed over the years?

My favorite pets are cats. I have Pogeyan – a rare from Stranglethorn – and a frostsaber from Winterspring that I named Kharta. And I made it a point to get one of the tigers from Neferset City before completing the final battle there. I named that one Hera – very bright orange, with a red glow to its eyes. I also picked up Pitch from Sholazar, who I renamed Numa after the word for “lion” from the Tarzan books, as well as a white lion from somewhere. I really like cats as pets.

I like almost all of my pets, actually. But none of them are exotics. Pet-collecting hasn’t been something I’ve cared too much about as a hunter. I know that’s anathema to say, but it’s true. Pets add great flavor to the class, and I do enjoy them, but their functionality is what I enjoy the most about them. I’m the furthest thing from that guy who will camp a spawn point for a pet… I don’t have the interest, so it’s not worth my time.

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite raid and encounter in WoW history? (you can pick more than one)

I started raiding at the end of March, 2009, so I don’t have the experience with earlier encounters. Our guild was running Naxx 25. I was a terrible player then. But I learned how to raid there, so that was an early favorite. 

From there, we split into 10s and had two teams in Ulduar. I really came into my own at that point, as a raider. I loved that place, and still have fond memories of it. There really hasn’t been a raid location as wondrous as Ulduar since then, in my opinion. Epic, huge place; great boss fights. 

As for encounters… when it comes to raiding, there’s a line of demarcation for me, because I switched class and role (from melee to ranged) in Cataclysm. I thought Lich King was and is an amazing encounter, but I did that fight, and those before it, as melee. After that, I became a hunter, and as such my favorite fight was probably Ragnaros in Firelands. That one stands out to me: it was a long fight, I was moving all over the place, switching Aspects (to and from Fox) a lot… I was pet-stunning adds, I was picking off adds… doing big damage… it was a great encounter for hunters, in my opinion.

There have been other great hunter-friendly fights, obviously, but that one stands out as pretty epic, and my favorite fight in a long time.

What is your favourite boss encounter of Mists of Pandaria?

Hmm… That’s a tough one. I’m not sure that I’m particularly attached to any of the fights in MoP so far. I thought Lei Shen was pretty cool, but that’s also because, when my guild finally downed it recently, it was the most epic feeling I’ve had yet as a raider in Mists.

In your opinion, what is the best hunter ability?

Disengage and Feign Death. I use them all the time while soloing old content (etc.), and really like how powerful they are.

Hardcore, casual, casually hardcore… how do you see yourself?

Well, I’m not “hardcore.”

I would, however, consider myself hardcore about certain aspects of how I play. I am fairly fanatical about gear, for instance. I love gear – I even like leveling without heirlooms because I like getting new gear as I level! Anyway, I make sure that, in whatever I do, my toon is in the best position to do well. And I tend to over-prepare. I like to know what I’m doing with the class I’m playing, even if it’s just tanking a dungeon. At the beginning of an expansion, I’ll watch heroic dungeon boss videos – that’s something I started doing in Cataclysm. So that kind of mindset dominates how I play. Perhaps that comes from an innate fear of screwing up, of being “that guy.”

With that being said, I play with that somewhat-hardcore intensity, but I’m fairly casual with respect to the level of content I complete. I raid with what would generally be considered a casual guild – nowhere close to realm first, even. And I enjoy playing and progressing with the people I’ve played with for so long. 

So other than the fact that I’m not a hardcore raider, I’m not sure I know how to better answer the question!

Survival, BM, or MM?!

MM from back when I leveled Mushan at end of Wrath until the start of 4.3; SV from Dragon Soul on. I’ve never looked back – I love SV! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Any shout outs?

Shout-outs to my long-time raiding friends! Secure, for teaching me how to raid (and sticking by me at the beginning!); Siville, for encouraging and befriending me back when I was just starting; and Squido, Sombramuerte, and Hassar, for having made raiding such a fun and rewarding experience through the years!

And thanks to you again, Quelys, for these excellent questions. As I said, it’s an honor!


An elitist analysis of elitist jerks by an elitist jerk, you jerk*

Back in the day I was a frequent visitor to Elitist Jerks and their quite helpful forums. As a budding young hunter, I was always eager to check out the gory insides of theory-crafting, and the hunters there are some of the most qualified for these particular number crunch obsessions.

I swung by EJ today to have a look, and was quite surprised that one of the first things I read (in the BM guide) I did not agree with.

After all – opinions are like rear orifices; everyone has one. And just because mine differs from the authors, does not mean I am ‘right’.

Quel in the action of putting his opinions on the interwebz
Quel in the action of putting his opinions on the interwebz

The problem I had was with the choice in T15 talents –

Level 15 Talents

Posthaste > Crouching Tiger > Narrow Escape
Posthaste is useful for gaining speed bursts on bosses like Ji’kun, Lei Shen, etc., usually to get better positioning for boss mechanics. It can also remove movement impairing effects like Sandtraps on ToT Council. Crouching Tiger is useful when boss mechanics line up in a 60s window and you wish to aid your healers (e.g. H Jin’rokh ionization, Megaera rampages, Lei Shen Static Charge). Narrow Escape could theoretically be useful for kiting, e.g. bats on H Tortos, but allowing a group of enemies within 8 yards is generally discouraged. None of these talents should affect dps, are situational and come down to preference. The relationship above is an expression of which talent choice you will find the most useful the majority of the boss fights in ToT raiding.

So after raiding heroics since week two of tier 15, I can say that I find this false. Heroic Ji’kun is indeed a perfect example of how good post haste can be. For those who may not fight this boss ever, or often enough to remember, he does an ability called downdraft. This causes all enemies to be pushed back away from the center of the main platform. Having posthaste can ensure that you have a speed boost available for every single downdraft…

Having a speed boost tied into disengage is no ability to shy away from, yet at the bottom of the quote is where I have my problem: “…is an expression of which talent choice you will find the most useful in the majority of the boss fights in ToT raiding.”
This is simply not true. Having reduced CDs for both our only realistic defensive cooldown, as well as disengage (our most awesomeness ability ever) is usually too good to pass up.

Heroic Jin’Rokh having CTHC is much better – reliable deterrence CD to avoid the applied debuff, you shouldn’t need a speed boost – even for dodging orbs.

Heroic Horridon, having a speed boost does nothing for this fight, disengage is once again always handy (target for charges, quick movement from adds/out of poop etc)

Heroic Council, speed boost does nothing here either, once again for ease of movement and defensive capabilities, CTHC takes the cake. You don’t need the root-removal thanks to that wonderful ability Master’s Call.

Heroic Tortos could see a slight use for the speedboost in running away from the falling rocks; however, CTHC means that you can have deterrence up more reliably for when he does his annoying stun-stomp. Negating some of the damage of this allows you to keep your shield up, providing better uptime on targets you want to kill.

Heroic Megaera shows that the speed boost is not useless, but it is not often you will be the target of the ice torrent. You don’t want to disengage for the speed if you are running cinders, as you could jump over the ice you need to clear! Having deterrence CD reduced means that is up more for rampage and you can return to your proper position faster with shorter CD disengages.

Heroic Ji’kun – already mentioned that posthaste takes the cake here.
Heroic Durumu – neither have massive benefit, if you are slow running a particular colour (say you were on the red beam), then just move closer to the boss… it is a simple ‘lower the radius of your toon’ problem there. Deterrence can be great for soaking the life drain.

Heroic Primordius has no benefit for either talent.
Heroic Animus does not favor either talent.

Heroic Iron Qon
is a great example where CTHC is awesome. The end of the fight can be tight for less geared teams (especially with weaker healers) so having deterrence up can be a life savior. Having a speed boost would only be a bonus during the wind storm, and that would only be beneficial if the tornadoes weren’t a factor (you are more likely to disengage into them then out into safety).

Heroic twins is probably the only other fight where there is a MASSIVE benefit to having posthaste – yet also very situational. As hunters we can Crows both bosses at the start, maintaining threat so we can kite to reveal adds. speed boosts just mean you are much more efficient at this job.

Heroic Lei Shen; post haste can be good for the push back, yet that depends on the small chance of you being targeted. Also being positioned correctly negates this (you can disengage back towards the boss while being pushed back, and with the disengage glyph it trivializes the push back for us). Using it in phase 3 can be very useful as well. Posthaste pushes ahead of CTHC slightly.

Ra-den. There is no benefit for speed at all on this. Positioning is really tight, and you only have to rotate potions every so often. Having deterrence more reliably up for the orb soak is much more useful.

So 3/13 posthaste, 10/13 CTHC – far from posthaste being the most useful in ToT. You will never need to root adds, there are better stuns available from a plethora of classes.

The only other issue I had with the talent suggestions was the AoE suggenstion for T90;

Level 90 Talents

Single Target: Glaive Toss > Barrage > Powershot
AoE Targets: Barrage > Powershot > Glaive Toss

Why you would take powershot over GT I would not understand. Barrage is definitely better for AoE situations, but GT damages all targets it passes… Powershots high CD and cast time (rather than instant) makes it a terrible choice [once again, in my opinion].

Apart from this tiny thing, the rest of the guide is really solid and a great read for hunters of all ages :) – the general guide, macro additions, and every other tid-bit is a fantastic resource.

To visit Elitist Jerks hunter forums, click here.


* I do not claim to be elite, or elitist, and do not consider any of these people to be jerks (or in saying that, any reader). I just like terrible blog titles.


13/13 Heroic ToT clear!

Fantastic raid last night.

Sunday saw my raid team Nocturnus Vexillari get oh so close to heroic Lei Shen, but no dice. It was a painful night where the last pull of the night saw us end on a 3% wipe!

Leading into Monday, I was quietly confident, and very excited to knock this guy over. We (as a raid team) have suffered a great deal this expansion, and this tier was no exception. This tier alone saw us lose 3 core members two weeks into ToT (they jumped ship to form a ‘better’ guild, one which swiftly imploded as we steamrolled past them in the early heroic push), have a healer jump ship to another guild on Barthilas, have several failed trial players, had one healer disappear (just stopped logging on – he has a young family and I assume he is attending to them), had two of our best DPS retire (our OP fire Mage Kell and our love/hate relationship having Warlock Benafflock [lol]), our OT went over seas for a few weeks on a scholarship, and to end our woes (this is JUST the current tier, btw) I moved houses and had to wait for 4 weeks while my internet connection was sorted out.


To see that we not only recovered from this, but went on to finish the tier at a reasonable pace feels good. I must really give props to our officer team – Duskwalker, Killdruid, and Insanic. I could easily see any other group imploding. Since joining the Nocturnus Vexillari at the end of Cataclysm, I have raided with some very talented people, and with our 12ish strong current team, only 5 of the original core team members remain (including myself). Apart from the aforementioned officers there is myself and my partner in crime, Caddarly the dastardly Shadow Priest. These four other guys really made the team worth being in, and gave me the confidence to stick out the hard times – so thanks guys!

We have several new people in the team, and they all seem to be a wicked crew. I hope we can continue to grow as a guild and establish a team to be reckoned with come next raiding tier – it has already been noted that our OT is not allowed to go overseas and I am not allowed to move home 😛

We had a few close wipes on ol’ Lei Shen (1.8% wipe comes to mind.. /shudder) before finally taking him down. We moved onto Ra-den and spent the rest of the night working on him, dropping him with around 6 attempts remaining. I must say, it was great to get Lei Shen, but the setbacks made it feel less… ‘special’. Sha of Fear was still a massive highlight, and I feel that some of the other heroic bosses were much more satisfying kills than Lei Shen.

I will add a few photos later, as well as throw up my Heroic tips and tricks guide! (as usual, just in time for the next patch)

Goodbye, Mr Frostheim

So news has now spread around that Frost is officially hanging up his writing… pen?.. typists fingers? and will no longer be blogging, not just on scattered shots over at wow insider, but also at the beloved Warcraft Hunters Union.

Frostheim seems like he did indeed develop a large fanbase, and with that came plenty of haters – I personally was a fan of Frost’s humor and the amount of effort he put into the development of the hunter community. I am not against saying he was a large contributing factor to why I began blogging (and also why I became so attached to my hunter!)

I was lucky enough to be in contact with Frost pre-MoP to ask him a few questions, the result of which was Frosticles- the Frostheim experience in my hunter interview section, if you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest checking it out!

He shall remain in the game, and I wish him the best of luck with all of his future projects. I will always pay my dues :)

Here is Frostheims farewell post – good read

I miss the internets…

Luckily I am back at work after a fantastic two weeks off (yay for being a teacher), as I currently have no access to the internet apart from my smart phone (at home)…. AND IT IS TERRIBLE, I TELLS YA!

The dire situation arose like this;

I recently moved to a new place with a good mate, this move took place the Friday leading to my school holidays. Pretty much in my mind things were supposed to go a certain way…

– Move to new house, remember to bring food
– Set up couch and TV, buy beer fridge
– First thing Monday, ring up a ISP and sort out some sweet internets for all my gaming and online needs (lol.. ‘online needs’.. this is strictly PG, I promise)
– Enjoy two blissfull weeks of bachelor-esque glory with beer, video games, and a monumental amount of WoW play time
– Eat a few burritos

Pretty much my holidays were set, who doesn’t like holidays??! it is truly a great perk of being a teacher (as most people bring up), and trust me when I tell you: regardless of what anyone else says, they are justified. I ran into one very painful wall while trying to fulfill my plans.

Those dang ex tenants (and also crappy systems set in place by ISPs)

The previous tenants had not cancelled their line to the house, there was no internet available for me to mooch off (totally illegal, but I was getting desperate) yet the line was still there. This meant that I would have to give proof of my occupancy, and wait for that to resolve with the other ISP. This took THREE WEEKS. I cannot understand (nor do I want to) the complete fuck around this must have been. A total shit-storm of communication. I talked to one polite gentleman about everything about two weeks ago, and he assured me that everything would be sorted by the 29th of July. I rang up on the Friday before this just to make sure everything was running smoothly.. but no, my hopes and dreams were to be dashed again.

My Friday conversation eventuated in a different employee telling me that the line was ready that day (hooray, right? WRONG!). They now had to apply for an ADSL line.. which would take another 5-7 working days.. and considering that would most likely not be processed until the Monday I had hoped everything would have been done and dusted… you can understand my frustration.

I would say I am addicted to the realm of ‘online’, and I am not ashamed. I use Steam, I avidly play World of Warcraft, and I also use the web like most people – shopping, social networking, information, YouTube-ing funny cat videos while drunk, etc.

I have missed my raiding, not to mention the amount of Hunter changes I have had wanted to write about!!!

With 5.4 about to hit, and the final raid of the expansion, I am hoping to have some better coverage on this site, HOPEFULLY with the return of some hunter videos with awesome tips/tricks.

I bet my logs have been destroyed by now.. FOUR WEEKS OFF, DANG IT!

Peace out!

Random complaints

With changes comes opinions about changes… this is probably the most obvious comment I have ever written…

Now every now and again I scroll through the WoW forums (particularly the hunter forums) and see what the community is up to – or more accurately, what the community is currently complaining about. What I have found to be an inevitable constant with the posts is that people seem to never be happy, and I guess that is the nature of such a dynamic game, and with the two big aspects of PvE and PvP being at the forefront of discussion, balance and output seem to be a big issue.

One of the most recent posts that sparked my interest was a post regarding some changes to mend pet. The poster viewed the datamined information, and immediately cried that the sky was falling. Rygarius was quick to enter the fold and confirm that the datamine was indeed inaccurate, and the change is actually a buff to mend pet. The thread continues on with some useful PTR feedback/comments, but then descends back into anecdotal expectations of gameplay;

Threat is a constant issue. Growl and Thunderstomp combined don’t always keep or hold threat. Less of a problem for BM since pets get more threat via damage. Really problematic for Survival and Marks.

Currently killing groups of mobs in Barrens: I have to pre-Misdirect to the pet. Try to hit as many as possible with both Glaive Toss and Multi-shot to get all the initial threat on the direhorn. I frequently still pull aggro off anyway. So I try to Misdirect before any Multishot or Glaive. And periodically have to switch targets and misdirect via Arcane or Explosive shot.
With hard stuff like say Warscouts, I have to spam Misdirect/Mend Pet constantly to keep aggro on the pet and keep it alive. This is all on live, mind you.”

Now let us break this down..

The person who is posting this comment is complaining.
The complaint is regarding hunters performance on live, specifically pet survivability and threat generation/maintenance by their pet… Yet they are referencing killing groups of mobs.


Cmon dude (or dudette), it doesn’t take an in depth analysis to really see what the problem is here.. You are pulling too many mobs and expect that you should just be able to sit them all on your pet with your pet having no issues, also while you aoe the mobs.. This is just foolish.

“I have to pre-Misdirect to the pet”.. welcome to pre-pull mechanics. They comment that they have to continually MD different targets, why not focus one mob after the pull with your pet’s growl autocast on? Then you would avoid aggro issues on whatever you are killing.

Expecting to be able to AoE everything without a care in the world, or without having to react to what you are attacking, and then complaining when aggro falls off your pet is just stupid. This is Mists of Pandaria, not WotLK dungeons.

Play a squishier class and try and pull as many as possible.. we happen to have some of the best utility for soloing in the game, yet using MD and multishots aren’t the golden boys of soloing. What about traps, feign, talent cc, and kiting? Are the multitude of buttons that people have been complaining about this year suddenly disappearing?

And another post on the same thread:

I want my pet to handle more than one mob without me getting ready to FD and Revive it. Even then one mob has me spamming Mend Pet now. Heck, when I level an alt I actually use Feed Pet after mobs one or two levels higher. I don’t want to be able to go out and solo world bosses or have it boss tank, I just want it to live long enough handle a few mobs in PvE and not be killed as fast in PvP.”

If you are having problems handling one mob in PvE at lvl 90, then I am afraid you most likely have a gross gear problem. A single mob for a level 90 mob with even the older LFR gear is not an issue. As for the point of having problems while leveling an alt (and this goes for when you are at max level as well), what is this obsession with making your pet a meat shield? YOU CAN KITE A MOB!

I feel (and this isn’t the first time this issue has surfaced) that the simplistic design approach that World of Warcraft has taken has resulted in ignorant and to a point ‘bad’ gameplay by the general populous. Now I still believe that high rated PvP and heroic raiding require good play, and those aspects of the game are far from simplistic (as well as other aspects of the game requiring some dedication, such as extreme soloing). There are way to many players bringing their opinions forward that are just not playing correctly, and calling foul. It will reach the point (if they take these sorts of comments seriously) that you will just send your pet in and sit back while afk-autoshotting (as so many classes like to point out we do). How about executing the priority shots to a better standard (does not have to be perfect), or actually having the expectation that you may need to PULL aggro and KITE a mob once and a while, at least while you hit mend pet and allow some ticks to get off without your pet taking constant damage. Ever heard of pet abilities? Cower is fantastic. Not enough? Get a turtle! Bad at kiting? Grab a spider!

Does no one remember distracting shot?! IT CAN BE USEFUL!

Even though it seems like it, I am not attacking these individuals directly – I am more just addressing the ridiculous amount of complaints that do not seem to be thought through. Just because you can post on the forums, doesn’t mean you should.

Like, seriously, make a blog and whinge like the rest of us.

Just.. No.

So while my surface analysis of the upcoming PTR changes continue, we have been hit with (an unavoidable, to a point) a pretty significant nerf.

Well. Shit.

Let me start by saying it is good that they are looking at readiness. It was provoking so much QQ amongst the PvP player base since it became baseline. It is indeed powerful, and with the burst of BM, doubling up has been kind of silly (although amazingly fun). I understand that a nerf to the damaging abilities affected by readiness is a move in the right direction for PvP.

Now that I have put ^that^ out there, let us look at the real implications. In PvE we have some issues – getting double crows/Black arrow up on targets, doing back-to-back Bestial Wraths, back-to-back Chim/Exp shots… All gone. Most of the hunter community on the Blizz forums are pretty confidant that a buff is coming to compensate, and if implemented right that will result in a buff overall, as sustained damage being buffed will negate the loss of slight, small-window burst. Overall? I am not happy, but I will deal.

Now PvP. For those who are familiar with me, I do enjoy PvP, I just don’t commit a lot of time to it (and when I did, it was generally random BGs). However my track record is not the worst, and I have played long enough (and, dare I say I believe I am skilled enough at the hunter class) to know that this is a significant nerf to PvP – not just on the burst front.

Burst is not the only way to kill people – good PvPers don’t need double BW to destroy someone, so leaving ‘defensive’ abilities (plus our one and only universal hunter CD rapid fire) on readiness makes sense right? of course it does. The nerf, however, does not include significantly important abilities;

Masters Call, Silencing shot, Scatter shot, Traps, Binding shot, Wyvern sting (god forbid you run around with that bad boy over silencing this patch). How are these not defensive abilities that should be covered?

I really hope this is one of the changes that is still in the early stages, as these IMPORTANT abilities really need to be part of readiness. So you can’t KC twice in a tiny window of time, get over it – however using a THREE MINUTE CD to fire off two silences that have such a long CD themselves these days is not an unrealistic expectation. Readiness is (and should be) a utility CD, not a DPS one [the PvE’r in me is hating on this paragraph right now] and if it is GOING to be a utility ability, it has to affect all appropriate spells.

Quel out, dawg.

it's where they put me when we aren't raiding!